Saturday, July 14, 2012

I Wonder: "Do You Take Care of your Feet?"

Good morning my dearies!  Today, I will be prettifying some gorgeous girls and I'm hoping to do a great job! Wish me luck!

Let's get personal this weekend!  Let me share to you how I show my love aside from saying "I Love You" or giving hugs to people I love.  I give facials and foot massages!  *laughs*  Back then when facial mask sheets weren't readily available, I would go to Watsons and purchase the powdered version, mix it with water then apply them on my mom's, sister's and even brother's face!  Bonding moments via home version of facials plus a foot relaxing session is an almost weekly thing that I look forward to!  I even have a tiny basket to house my foot soak, foot scrub, foot lotion etc...  that's how much I love my family at the latter part, I realized something --- I am meant to work in a SPA!  *laughs*

"You don't know a good massage until I show you!"  *winks*  (That's me being extra conceited!  Pagbigyan niyo na!)  hehehe

It has been awhile since my last "service" to my mom!  So when I got Snoe Happy Heels set, I called my mom immediately and said: "Guess what? You've won a free foot massage service!  Get ready to relax!!!"  It left my mom dumbfounded as she didn't join any contests!  Oh well, that's what she gets for having me as her daughter! Swerte niya no? (Isn't she lucky?) :P

My mom, one of the most selfless person I know, dislikes it when I do "labor" services, she worries so much that I would get tired!  I always tell her the tiny little foot massages I give her are NOTHING compared to the way she took care of me for 3 decades! 

Did you know that?
A good massage can help lower blood pressure, relaxes the mind and prevents depression? (That's what I read based on research!) :)

Snoe Happy Heels
Cherry Berry 
  "Make an important appointment with yourself
 to use Happy Heels Foot Whitening Spa Kit 
and you'll be sporting jolly, happy 'soles' in no time."

Includes ---
Foot Soak, Foot Scrub, Foot Blush Spray and Foot Lotion

Snoe Happy Heels by the way was gifted to me and so far, I love the scent and it does soften the calluses on the heel area and the Foot Blush Spray is divine!  It creates sexy-looking feet in an instant!   The Happy Heels Therapy Set costs Php349.00 (approx $8.10).  Also available in Peppermint Tea scent.

Recently, I realized something about myself.  I enjoy purchasing and collecting "foot therapy sets" but never gave my own feet some loving!  *embarrassed*

So today, I wonder ....
"Do you take care of your feet?"
What products do you use?

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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. this looks like an awesome product! I'm a shoe lover so I definitely have to find lots of ways to take care of my feet!

    1. *sigh* I agree, I'm also a shoe/sandals/flats lover so I need to remind myself to take care of my feet!

  2. "I always tell her the tiny little foot massages I give her are NOTHING compared to the way she took care of me for 3 decades!"

    Awww! That's so sweet--and true!

  3. I am also love foot massager. It is my first choice for exercise my feet. I am relay feel comfortable doing exercise by using a best quality foot massager machine.


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