Friday, July 13, 2012

AMW Reviews: MAC Mineralized Blush in Fresh Honey

When I first read about MAC Mineralized Blushes, I've been wanting them so badly so purchasing my first one is something I won't forget for the rest of my "beauty addiction" life!  

MAC has always been very fast-paced in terms of their collection, by the time I'm typing this post talking about the product I picked from the MAC Naturally Collection (read my makeover HERE), most of the products from the most recent Hey Sailor Collection (details on Hey Sailor Collection HERE) has already been sold out!  

"It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Superman!  No!  It's MAC!"

I just had to share that corny statement, sorry you have to bear with me, as I always feel that way with each of the MAC collection!  They fly off the shelves even I barely getting the chance to touch it! 

So I'm very lucky to get my hands on Fresh Honey!  The first time I tried this on, I fell in love with my newest "Faking Summer" blush! 

MAC says ---
Baked minerals refined into a powder formula to provide exceptionally sheer and lightweight application. Color builds lightly, layer after layer, without heavy coverage. Veils and enhances the cheekbones with a luminous, pearlized shimmer.

Limited Edition from NATURALLY collection.

AMW says ---
  • Unique shade.
  • Has good pigmentation.  
  • Easy to control.  Can be applied with light to heavy hand.
  •  If applied correctly, can make my skin looks healthy!
  • Can double up as eyeshadow.
  • The MAC Mineralized Blush may be pricey but it can last for a long time!  I own a couple that still look as good as new!
  • Applying too much may make you look muddy especially for people with warm skin.
  • A bit chalkier in texture as compared to other MAC Mineralized blush. 
  • Limited edition.
When we say Mineralized Blush, they're always on the light, natural side and with Fresh Honey, it's an exception to the rule!  Fresh honey is a warm, peachy orange almost matte shade that is very pigmented and lasts the whole day (for my skin type)

  • If you have fair to medium skin, dust lightly all over cheeks for healthy glow.
  • If you have medium dark to dark skin, you can apply this shade with heavy hand to create a nice, summer glow!
  • If you want to make this blush last longer, use a similar color cream blush underneath or to create a brighter orange look, use Benefit's Cha Cha Tint underneath.
  • This blush can double up as eye shadow color! BUT!...
  • Try not use this particular shade on both eyes and cheeks and applying too much may make you look like a human carrot ---> if there's such thing! hahaha! 
  • Apply sparingly!  One you applied too much, don't fret!  Buff away harsh lines and set with a setting powder or powder foundation to "lessen" pigmentation.
Will I repurchase?
No. I haven't finish any of my blushes to date!

To whom do I recommend this to?

Anyone who likes the orange based blush color!  This works so well on fair to dark skintone!  Read tips on application.

Where to purchase and how much?
Because I love you guys, I called in MAC Glorietta to check and I was told there are 5pcs. of this left for Php1,500.00 (approx $34.88).


Fresh Honey on pan

The best blush for me to apply Fresh Honey is Charm Angled Kabuki Buffer Brush as I like to create a natural look by buffing the pigments further so it blends into my skin!

Fresh Honey well blended on my NC20-25 skin

Applied on both cheeks. 
For reference: I'm NC20-25 on MAC
Champagne on Benefit
Beige on most Cosmetic Brands

Do I look like a beach babe? (not B***h babe! LOL)
Would you wear Fresh Honey?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Oooh I wanted to buy this one, but when I went to the store they were all sold out :'(
    So I bought Warm Soul, which is also a mineralized blush, and I love it!

    1. ah nice! at least they have an alternative and glad it worked for yoU :)

  2. milktea said... Is this a very natural blush or a bronzer? It looks very like a bronzer from the photo. Pls feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.. :)

    1. it's a peach tone blush, not a bronzer but it does look like a bronzer on photo because that's how the blush would look on my skin! I'm warm with yellow undertone


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