Wednesday, August 8, 2012


At the moment I'm typing this post, I can hear heavy rainfall again and I am getting nervous by the minute.  This, aside from Typhoon Ondoy happened 3 years ago (blog post HERE), has been one of the worst rainfall our country has experienced and I'm not sure if we'll have more of these!  As of now, all we can do is pray and help as much as we can!

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For more information on donation drop-off and for cash donations, visit

And thanks to our friends from Cha Dao Tea Place for offering help too!

Cha Dao Tea Place is accepting donations in selected stores.  For every donation, Cha Dao Tea Place gives back a regular cup of milk tea (free to the person donating).  Please check Facebook and Twitter (@ChaDaoTeaPlace) for more information. All donations will be forwarded to Red Cross and Philippine Army for distribution to affected areas.

This too, shall pass.  I know the Filipinos will and can survive this!
God bless us all!

Stay safe!
Stay strong!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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