Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Readers' Corner: Making Nail Polish Last For At Least A Week!

I've had nail polish on toes and fingers for as long as I remember!  I think I started experimenting when I was graduating from high school and since it was okay to wear polish in college, that's when I experimented on different colors!  

And to answer your question, I had trouble applying polish on my right hand as my left hand tends to be wobbly!  I even had to save up on French Tip stickers just because I can't draw a straight line!  If I may repeat myself: "Yes, Practice makes almost perfect." 

When friends see my nails, the first thing they would tell me is how they love to put on polish but it never lasted on them!  The maximum I heard was 3 days and no one believed me when I told them mine can last a week or more!  And mind you, I'm not the li'l princess you think I am, I wash dishes and do household chores! 

So today's feature on Readers' Corner, I'm creating a quick, simple tutorial on how to make your polish last!  Not exactly a week but at least a bit longer!

Here are the 3 basic nail products you need ---
Base Coat, Top Coat and Fast Dry 

If you're on a budget, it's just base coat and top coat!  That's enough!

L-R The Face Shop Top Coat, Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat
 and Zoya Anchor Basecoat

Some important things to remember:
  • Do not wash your hands 10 minutes before you apply polish.  Why?  The water from your nails will evaporate thus forming bubbles.
  • Do not apply hand lotion, facial creams prior to nail polish application, the oils from those products may stick to your nails.
  • Do not shake your polish hard, try to roll them between your hands.
  • Apply polish in a cool, dry place.  
  • Never apply polish in front of a fan.
  • Apply with a thin coat first and wait for the first layer to dry before you apply the second coat.
  • Once the consistency of your polish is dry and thick, throw them out instead of trying to save them from death!  *laughs*
Step 1:
You can wipe your nails with a clean cloth making sure they're dry and clean.  Apply a coat of your choice of base coat.

Do not forget to "wrap" even the edge of your nails!
This is called the wrapping technique.
Step 2:
Pick a polish of choice.  Once the base coat is dry, apply a thin layer of your preferred polish starting from the center working left and right.

Again, wrapping technique should also be done!
Continue step 2 once the first coat is dry.

Step 3:
Once your preferred polish shade is completely dry, apply a coat of your favorite top coat.  I've been a loyal user of The Face Shop top coat.  So far this works for me! 

Step 4:
Once top coat is dry, this step is optional, I picked my Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat and apply it all over the nails!  After several usage, I agree that it is indeed the best quick drying top coat to date!

 If done all the steps properly and with loads of practice, you may enjoy your lovely polish for a week or even 2!  
 If you managed to try these steps, feel free to comment and let me know how it went! :)

Any other Long lasting nail polish tips?

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  1. I also use that TFS top coat and it's really nice :D I love their base coat too :D

    Great tips, Nikki! Thank you. I've always wondered what makes nail polish bubble up. The bubbles ruin a good manicure. Will try to apply your tips :)

    1. Hi Aya, I agree, I have finished more than 5 bottles of the TFS Top coat, I even hoarded when I was in Korea :)

      Goodluck, I hope my tips helped :D

  2. Also, to keep polish from chipping, wear gloves when you do chores. :D

  3. Thanks for the tips sis! I haven't been painting my nails in about a year and a half now so all my polish is dry and goopy na, so I threw them out. Time to get new ones! :)

    1. wow, lucky you! your nails must be super healthy and strong :)

  4. These are very helpful tips. Glad to know why my polishes tend to bubble..hehe
    I use Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Base Coat and Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Quick Dry Top Coat, it makes my polishes last for 2 weeks. ^_^

    1. Thanks for sharin gyour base and top coat! Lucky you your polish lasts 2 weeks, mine usually can stand 2 weeks but the first to chip is the one on pinkie fingernail! :)

  5. Ang galing. Ang dami kong maling ginagawa. :) bookmarking this. :) hehehe!

    1. sis, your polish seems to be perfect all the time! :)

  6. my nail polish last for more than a week
    i use the face shops base and top coat at dito ko sa blog mo na discover yun first time ko gumamit ng base at top coat! ahhaha

    1. ohhh I enjoy the Face Shop base coat too! But I discovered ZOYA which lessened the yellowing of nails even more! :)

      Thanks, glad to know you learn from my blog :)

  7. Hey AMW, I love this tutorial of yours... I have recently enjoyed the art of putting on nail polish. Which I have for years as I can't do it properly... I should say a good base coat comes a long way... currently loving Orly Top2Bottom and Orly Sec'N Dry... well the colored polish varies... but I am so curious with Seche Vite since a beauty editor told me about it too... Thanks for the nail inspiration as always...

    1. Yay! glad my mini tutorial helped! :) If Orly Top2Bottom works for you together with Orly Sec'N Dry, keri lang, go ahead on using them, I just got intrigued with Seche Vite and it does dry super fast :D and my polish is shinier


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