Wednesday, September 19, 2012

AMW Makeovers: Lancel Models for F/W 2012 Collection

After experiencing morning sickness that lasts the whole day, I've got several makeup bookings that I'm super nervous for!  Why?  Well, aside from the usual jitters of wanting to do a great job, I am so afraid to barf in front of my clients!  *laughs*  Can you just imagine how gross could that get?  

Last week, I was tasked to do makeup for Lancel event held at Shangri-La Mall for their F/W 2012 collection.  The event itself was held at the gorgeous Lancel boutique.

I went inside to check out bags and wallets from the premier French luxury bag brand.

What I have noticed are the gorgeous F/W 2012 bag collections that suits the taste of  younger generation!  Finally, leather goods that I can totally imagine myself carry!  

Check out the 2 gorgeous models who strutted back and forth holding different bags from F/W collection.  I mentally took down notes on my favorites.  Someday.....

Models were wearing simple black dress with simple makeup and hairstyle as the main focus of the night were..of course!  The Lancel Bags!

Let's get on to the makeover!  Just so you know, I survived doing makeup without the nausea!  The fun of doing makeup can really make me forget about these crazy morning sickness!

Model: Natalia (From London)
Skin: Normal 

At first glance, I immediately thought about my lightest colored foundations but once I took a closer look at model Natalia, I immediately complimented her for her gorgeous tanned skin!  

I wanted a makeup look that would give strong focus to her lovely eyes.  Her skin is super gorgeous to start with so a little coverage is enough.  After foundation application, I concealed a bit of her undereye darkness and proceeded by filling her brows to match the color of her hair.  I picked pink and purple eyeshadow blended with a matte brown eyeshadow to create more depth.  False lashes of course was used.

I kept Natalia's cheeks and lips very natural so I picked a rose pink colored blush with a similar shade of lipstick topped with clear gloss.

Model: Petra (from Czech Republic)
Skin: Combination (oily on t-zone, normal on the rest of her face)

Petra has fair skin and because of that, the redness around her skin can easily be seen!  Prior to foundation application, I used a green corrector around the center of her face to counteract redness.  Using a cream foundation from Graftobian, I applied it all over her face while adding up a shade darker foundation on areas that I want to contour. 

Petra has very thin, and light-colored brows so I took time creating fuller brows for her.  I made sure to look in front of the mirror and step back just to check both brows making sure the color isn't too much against her fair skin!

As soon as I'm done with the brows, I went straight to her eye makeup and immediately thought of a very natural, day time smoky eye makeup using silver, brown and black eyeshadow shades.  As you take a closer look on the before and after photo, I also changed the shape of Petra's eyes by extending the eyeshadow a bit beyond her lids for that very natural "almost cat-eye" makeup.  This method extended the shape of her eyes thus making it larger to look at.

Petra would look so good on bright red lipstick but same as Natalia, I opted for very natural blush and lipstick shade as I have to keep in mind that the main focus of the event are the bags, not the models! :)

 The models with their makeup artist and hairstylist Kim.  Check out the height difference!  *laughs*


Do you like both models' makeup?
Would you wear the same makeup on yourself?

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I want to thank Claire (and the agency she works for) and people from Lancel for the trust!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. You did an great job at enhancing their features without looking overly made up. I love your top by the way, It flatters your skin tone so well!



    1. Thanks sis! The top was from Forever21 gifted to us by people from Dove :)

      Re: makeover, thanks for the compliment!

  2. hi sis! you did a great job as always! the models are pretty to start with but you really enhanced their beauty, plus the bags are also gorgeous!...anyway, i saw what you did on the second model's brows, which reminds me of the question i've been meaning to ask you. how do you do that? i have a sister who has thin brows and she always ask me to make her brows look thicker like mine...but everytime i try to do it on her, it doesn't look right and it doesn't look very natural on her...could you make a tutorial on that if you have time?

    1. Sis, did you finish your sister's makeup after filling up her brows? Everything will look weird if you just did her brows and not enhance her eyes or finish up with blush and lipstick! :)
      At the same time, apply with light hand talaga! :) Sige, I'll make a tutorial if I get the chance :D

  3. i think u did a great job on the models! *hugs* hope you are feeling good today!

    1. Thanks sis for the compliment and I appreciate the hugs :D

  4. hi sis! hopefully you will feel okay again soon

  5. The models look so lovely-- amazing how you made them look so pretty although they sure have very different coloring from us asians.

    Offtopic-- I also had morning sickness pretty bad when I was preggers; I found out that the best way to cope was to just let it all out, instead of trying to hold it back, you know. Usually, after a quick excuse-me to the bathroom, I came out feeling so much better (parang bulimic lang,lol)

    1. Thanks for the compliment, I super appreciate that :D

      Re: Morning sickness, yes, I do let it out, I'd rather let it out than hold it in as it feels sooooo difficult! :) Thanks for the tip Kikay Mom :D

  6. Thank you for sharing Lancel. they are wonderful!


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