Saturday, September 29, 2012

AMW Reports: Pink Me Up

Happy Saturday AMW Friends! :)
Today, I will be sharing a unique, very relaxing place that I recently visited!  Before I do so, let me share to you the side story first! *winks*

When I was in high school, I joined the MPFA group (Military Police and First Aiders).  Sounds serious right?  Well, it was the best decision I've made as I enjoyed summer training with friends from both my batch and higher/lower batches!  Snake-crawl, frog-leaps, jumping jacks, sit-ups, running, rifle-demonstration were all useless to me for my present career but the biggest thing I learned?  Camaraderie!

That's were I got the chance to meet a batch lower fellow MPFA-ers Steph and Reg.  Who would've thought these 2 remained good friends and opened up their own business?  I am so proud of them when I first heard about Pink Me Up Beauty Nail and Dry bar.  I was invited to visit their "baby" so many times but due to my hectic schedule, I wasn't able to do so.

Not until the day I was invited to do makeup for Reg's family and it was done at the Nail and Dry Bar! 

I made a silent "gasp" once I got in, this is how I would picture my own room to look like!  *laughs*  The ambiance is super comfortable, the architecture feels like the olden days at the same time have the modern kick!  The main color is pink but the overall look doesn't scream "PINK" which makes it okay even for guys to relax here!

I wouldn't mind having this area as my own vanity area!

The Foot Spa area, under the round seats are "sinks" smartly hidden underneath.  After an early call time for makeup, Mr. AMW and I were asked to relax before heading home as they gave us a complimentary foot spa!  Thanks Reg!  Mr. AMW was really nervous and declining the offer (as he is very ticklish) but he ended up dozing off!  *laughs*  It was super relaxing for him!

Each client will be served with a tray of foot care products!  I can see a foot scrub, masque, lotion, foot blush and a whole lot more!

Oh, one thing that I have to note, the foot scrubber used is very hygienic as they change the "scrub" for every customer!  That is super important for me as I once had a foot scrub done by a salon that uses the same scrubber on EVERY client and I ended up with leg allergies!  

After soaking my feet for a good 10 minutes in warm water, tired feet were scrubbed and it wasn't ticklish or painful at all!  Less pressure was used as the lady knew I'm pregnant! :)

Like I said, Mr. AMW dozed off so no one took the photos next! *hahaha*  After scrub, my legs were applied with a minty peppermint masque and was wrapped with cling wrap and towel for another couple of minutes.  This method enabled me to de-stress and relax the tired leg muscles from standing up the whole morning!  I was offered hand and arm massage but I declined just to be safe! :)

After the masque, it was washed off and lotion and foot blush was applied.  Ahhhh my feet and legs felt light and clean!

Dry area, this is the area were clients can have their hair done!  Blow-drying services and hairstyling services are available!  I appreciate the wonderful sunlight coming in at the same time; a curtain was installed for customer's privacy!  :)

Service was great, the staffs are obviously well-trained!  Contact them to know more about their services and like them on Facebook!  And the best of all?  I checked the service menu and prices aren't bad!

The Peppermint Patty Spa treatment that Mr. AMW and I had costs Php350.00 (approx $8.10) and  Php480.00 (approx $11.15) with Pedicure.  Pink Me Up Blowouts for any hair length costs Php280.00 (approx $6.50).

 Pink Me Up Beauty Nail and Dry Bar
Unit 2D (Above Security Bank and Starbucks Coffee)
Lee Gardens Condominium along Shaw Blvd. corner Lee St.
1550 Mandaluying Philippines
Tel no: (632) 358-2412

When was the last time you had a relaxing "me" time?
I can't count the months since I had a relaxing foot spa!

Thanks and congratulations to Pink Me Up!

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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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