Tuesday, October 30, 2012

AMW Bulletin: Watsons Php50 On Us Promo

Back in college, one of my favorite place to visit is Watsons.  During those days, Watsons isn't as huge-looking as today!  With minimal choices, I still find myself engrossed inside the store as my then boyfriend Mr. AMW would follow me as I check one aisle to another!  

During my Hong Kong trip, I was in awe when I visited one of the biggest Watsons store I've seen in my entire life located at Causeway Bay!  3-storey building with various products from beauty, skincare, food, medicines and a whole lot more!  I think I was there until the store closes!  *laughs*

The items that stirred my interest are the various products with Watsons label, I bought my first Watsons labeled product called Watsons Facial Spray with Anti-Oxidant and I stocked up on more Watsons labeled items during my trips abroad!

Then, I saw the Switch & Save campaign via my Facebook friend Patty Laurel, I am so happy we, local readers get the chance to Switch & Save with more Watsons labeled products!  Last time I checked, there are more choices available and I don't need to fill up my suitcase when I travel abroad!

Various hair products
Shampoos, Conditioners and Hair treatments

Toiletries, Blow-dryer, Mouthwash and Hand Soap

And, to put switching and saving to its extreme level, Watsons Label has gone even wilder with its Php50.00 On Us Sale! 

Just pick up one coupon from any Watsons Store and give to the cashier to get Php50.00 off on your purchase of Watsons Label Products worth Php300.00 or more!

Now, I can't wait to stock up on more Watsons Hair Treatment products in Lavender!  My inexpensive way to do at-home Hot Oil hair treatment!

Which Watsons Label product is your favorite?

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  1. I've also been a watson's girl since college! I miss shopping there! I wanna visit the Watson's in HK tuloy when I go there perhaps next year! :)

    1. *high five* on Fellow Watsons girl! :) the store gives me in instant high talaga each time I step in! :)


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