Saturday, December 19, 2009

I Wonder: "Do You Use Facial Sprays?"

I remember my first facial spray was the huge can from Evian.  Evian was such a huge brand name at that time as there wasn't much choices then.  It was pricey, but it was a great way to waken my senses without going to the dirty washroom during my high school years (which wasn't that long ago by the way...*laughs guiltily*)

Now, facial sprays have evolved.  From expensive to inexpensive, fragrance-free to scented ones, uncomfortable to tote around to handy...

I do not use facial spray on myself but I like using these to clients prior to make-up application.  For clients, I use MAC Charged Water and I use the more inexpensive brands for OC-ness spritzing such as spritzing my brush or sponges if needed.

One good fine is a Facial Spray from Watsons.  They are quite inexpensive, handy and of course smells wonderful!  They come in variable scents.  I bought this in Shanghai!  I'm not sure if this is available locally?

Watsons Facial Spray in Anti-oxidant variant

Closer look on the spritz bottle


I like it that this is recyclable!
I can use the spritzer to fill in alcohol!


Now I wonder:
"Do You Use Facial Sprays?"  
How do you like using them?

Keep smilin'

Stay happy!


  1. Burt's Bees used to have a lavender spray and I like to just use it to refresh my bare face during the day when I am bored...Since it was summer and I was bored at home, I use it every 20 minutes so the spray ran out in a month...Anyway,the lavender one as well as a grapefruit scent one got discontinued and only carrot scent one is left (which smells like play-doh.)

  2. tried Avene..but its not available locally..quite pricey..

  3. Citrine, lavender one sure smells good! I used to use lavender to spray my pillows before I go to sleep :)

    Zashiq5, how's the Avene one? Good?

    Sugar Bunnie, would you want to try them in the future? :D

  4. im currently using one from the face shop and had tried avene and vichy one before.
    i like it as it freshen and balances my skin's oil level while not stripping it dry

  5. I use MAC Fix+ on my foundation brush whilst applying foundation - I also sometimes use it when I'm done to set a look. I also use kiehls acai toner which comes in spray form. No idea if it is doing anything yet...

  6. I use ZA Energizing lotion which I bought in Malaysia pa. Most of the time Cinema Secrets Moisture Spray and the Avene Eu Thermal bought in Malaysia din. I'd have to say my fave is the CS one and the AVENE. But good luck sa price ng avene :(

  7. im using avene's.
    don't know if it really helps to sooth/set the make up...
    but it is really refreshing!!!
    love to spay on face after half day of working~~

  8. I had the Bench facial spray one... Inexpensive and handy (the small one though)... But right now I'm using Skin Food Herb Salad Facial Spray... I like it! Calms my sensitive skin :)

  9. I don't, but I want to! I want to see if it would make a noticeable difference when I apply my makeup, especially these days since it's cold and my BB cream & concealer are caking up. I've been trying to look for the Bench Fix spray since I read it on your blog but to no avail :(

  10. I used to use Evian. I find it a bit pricey but compared to Avene, it is cheaper. :P

  11. I'm addicted to Avene!! Just bought a huge bottle! hehehe!! :D

    I've tried the MAC Charged Water, but i'm surprised that i actually preferred Avene over this one!! :D

  12. Ooh, interesting product! I used to use the L'Occitane spray in the summer at work when the air conditioning was turned on really high. I should probably get back to using it now that the heat's turned up!

  13. I've never tried them, the ones available here are a bit pricey. But I'd love to try them in the future :)

  14. I don't use them because i think they're not really useful, except during a very hot summer !

  15. I'm currently using Evian's mineral mist. But if this one is good, I will try!

  16. LyNn, ohhh I have tried the one from Face Shop but years ago! Mine is the light blue bottle and it works great :) Thanks for sharing what you use.

    Scarlettholly, I have my own bottle of Fix+ but never used it on myself, mostly to clients. Kiehl's one sounds wonderful, which one do you like better?

    Caby, I don't think we have ZA down here...and Cinema Secrets have moisture spray? Sounds like Avene is a wonderful brand, a lot of you have written about this! How much ba ang Avene?

  17. Akiki, I have to take a look at Avene! Sounds like this is everyone's fave!

    Ayn, I have used the Bench one too! :)

    Karysa, well true to what "spritzing" the face with water right after foundation application, it does lessen the powder finish! have you tried purchasing at Bench MARKET MARKET? I bought it there as the Bench store there is way bigger and they have their own fridge :) They store inside the fridge!

  18. Pammy, Evian is even more expensive than AVENE??? Wow..that's new.. :)

    Jenn, Avene again! How many points for Avene now? LOL

    Catherine, so true, water sprays are great during summer! :)

  19. Gio, really ? I'm glad we have inexpensive versions down here!

    Carine, so true, I felt the same years ago! But its something "luxurious" to have :)

    sindylicious, it is good but I'm not sure if its available down here? For the local ones, youc an try BENCH! I love it :)

  20. you're right Evian IS expensive! hope its locally available nikki..

  21. i've never tried one but if i would be, i'd like to give Mario Badescu Aloe Herb Rosewater Spray a try :)

  22. Khymm, I know! I think Watson's locally will carry this, well I am trying to be positive! LOL :)

    Ima, ooohh Mario Badescu? It's quite pricey down here!

  23. oooh looks like a good find. Will scour watsons for this and hopefully they do have it haha :) I use the cnema secrets spray or the mac fix lang. I just use it when i think ive gone overboard with the powder and want to remove excess or to lessen the matte look.

  24. Ate Nikki (:p), I went back to this entry to comment that I found the pure mist spray in the huge Bench store in Market Market, but then I read your comment! LOL :)) They don't store it in a fridge anymore and they only had the small bottles on hand, but I got two right away despite the long lines at the counter :D

  25. Sush, let me know if we have it down here! I'll look around too

    Karysa, awww, glad you found it! sorry you read my reply quite late!


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