Friday, October 12, 2012

Eureka Moment: Mediplast Cartoon Plastic Strips

Happy Friday!  It's Friday!!!  Do you feel the excitement?  I am so happy I will be able to rest for the weekend!  I've been super tired lately, well, I've been very tired for the past 2 months!  (What's new?)  *laughs*  Would you believe I can cry and laugh at the same time?  I think I'm going crazy! (Must be the hormones!)

Today's edition of Eureka Moment is a very childish one so please bear with me!  I may be a mom soon but I'm as childish as a 4-year old!  It's okay, life is too serious so enjoy life like you were still a kid!  Don't you miss those days?

Band-aids, I have them inside my bag at all times like a girl scout!  Why?  I'm a clumsy girl who gets bumps and scratches on random places you wouldn't even believe!  And as far as I remember, I do not own the regular "invisible" or "looks like skin" band aids for years!  I have always been into cute band aids because it hurts to get hurt but it doesn't hurt to look cute!  (Guys reading this are ready to punch me by now!  lol)

My current band aid inside my bag, the plastic case and the content were all from Korea!  Yes, I hoarded and I can't believe how cute their designs are!

I have searched high and low for band aid designs available locally, the closest I got was from Mediplast and it was the Checkered plastic strips!  Do you still remember those available in blue, yellow and pink?  I've used them for quite some time and I can't believe no one thought of coming up with a cartoon strips!  


Finally!  I know these are probably marketed for kids but adults who are kids at heart will love this too!  Well, of course, I'm not saying we're loving the scars and getting hurt but you know what I mean!

Designs: Angels, Bears and Stars

I wish Mediplast will create more cute designs!  As for the moment, I'm happily refilling this in my cute band aid case!

** Assorted box 100s is Php104.50 (approx $2.50)
50s at Php60.00 (approx $1.43)
10s at Php15.50 (approx $0.40)
Available at Mercury Drug Outlets and leading supermarkets nationwide.

Do you prefer band aids with cute designs 
or you don't care at all? 

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  1. Haha nikki super cute! i remember those checkered band aids. ever since those came to the picture, i always feel sad about using skintone bandaids! :D

    1. I've been using those checkered band aids for years! I'm glad they have something else and I'm craving for more designs!!!!

  2. super cute!!! i am not so into bandaids in general as i am allergy to the sticky plasters, it gives me rashes! i usually avoid bandaids unless it's an absolute necessary (ouch!)and can only use the ones for sensitive skin

    1. Ohh yeah, I remember they have those band aids meant for sensitive skiN! Wow sis, you really do have sensitive skin!

  3. i usually don't care but reading your post now, nainggit ako! i prefer these cute ones! It is so YOU! hihihi

    1. Mare, anong you don't care? YOU SHOULD! hahahaha why in the world would you use regular, boring looking band aids? LOL (arte lang) :)

  4. I love plasters with cute designs too! I was unable to pass up the Sesame street plasters made by Watsons... I'll check these out din :)

    1. Sayang! i didn't get to pick one too ! I love Sesame Street!


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