Thursday, October 18, 2012

Eureka Moment: One Super Fine and Super Sharp Liner

Eyeliners are my best friend for as long as I remember!  My first ever eye liner was bought when we were required in our Tourism class to wear makeup for some school activities and the first purchase was a local brand from Ever Bilena and it was an eye pencil in dark brown!

It was (literally) an eye-opening experience for me and I learned to appreciate it more after my trustee lip balm! 

BUT!  Don't we wish some days our eyeliner isn't as obvious as the sun above the sky?  Especially now that I'm wearing the least makeup possible, lining my eyes the "normal" way could wash out the rest of my face as I tend to skip on eyeshadow application making the line appears more obvious than usual!  


At the back of the packaging, I am very happy to announce that the local distributor did an English translation on product details! 

"With an impressive super micro thin brush of just 0.05mm, 24H Real Lasting Eyeliner, WP Micro is an improved version of K-Palette’s award-winning eyeliner! This eyeliner makes it possible to draw thin, natural eyelines and dot the gaps between lashes! This waterproof and smudge-resistant film type eyeliner with super micro thin brush fibre, high water-resistant polymer molecule and unique conditioning formula keeps the eyeline intact all day. It gives guaranteed results in its ability to withstand melting humidity and punishing dryness of our air-conditioned interiors!"

K-Palette, one of my favorite brand came up with a wonderful solution!  The same 1 Day Tattoo formula that I love but this time, the liner is housed in a super sharp and fine brush measuring 0.05mm!  

I am not joking, it is super fine and easy to use!  This pen is perfect for first-time liner users and those who have been using liquid liners all their life!  Imagine those makeup looks that you want to create that would require you to draw "fake lashes" on the lower lash line?  This pen is the answer!

3 consistently fine lines I've created without much effort!

K-Palette retained its wonderful waterproof formulation that dries up immediately upon application!  I tried smudging the lines but I swear, it didn't budge at all!  Best of all?  I took a shower and rubbed it gently with regular soap and water and it was removed without pain!  

Waterproof + Easy to remove = EYELINING HEAVEN!

** K-Palette Micro Eyeliner Waterproof in Jet Black is exclusively available in Beauty Bar stores and retails for Php895.00 (approx $20.80) LIKE them on Facebook to get updated on new products!

Do you think you need a super fine and sharp micro liner in your life?
How would you use it?

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(Product sent for PR purposes.  Opinions 100% mine.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)


  1. OMG! It can make such a fine and thin line... Thank you for the review!

    <3 from:

    1. My pleasure, this is wonderful for that super fine and natural line!

  2. I love super fine eyeliner pens!! This one looks promising :)

    1. I haven't own any liner this fine so I'm super happy with this!

  3. Replies
    1. Hi sis, I wish I own this during my makeup school days! I remembered the Avant Garde makeup I've done, dinaan ko sa Gel Liner and super fine pen! ang hirap! This one from K-palette would make my life easier those days! hehehe

  4. I used to like super fine liner, but i have scratched my eyes a couple of times because those were too thin >< now, i am a pencil liner fan!

    1. wow that's a huge ouch!!! I can't imagine poking my eyes with eyeliner this sharp!!! Yeah sister, stick to pencils! :)

  5. wow, very fine indeed! amazing!

    1. Issa, super nice for that very natural eyelining techniques!!!

  6. omg! amazing! sooo fine! I love my kpalette eyeliner! can't wait to try this :D thanks for the awesome review!

  7. oh wow, this is new from K-palette! must have!


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