Sunday, October 21, 2012

Weekend Food Tripping at: President Grand Palace Restaurant

Happy Sunday AMW friends!  Guess what?  I'm back!!!  Well, I'm not saying I'm back with a vengeance as I still have the same metallic taste inside my mouth which makes me lose appetite but at least, I'm happy to announce that my "throwing up" moments have lessened as I'm going for my 14th week of Pregnancy!  *woot*! 

I haven't been eating well for the past weeks that why I skipped 2 food posts, well, it doesn't mean I'm not eating at all but my taste buds have been messing up with my favorite food and I can't seem to enjoy the dishes I enjoy in the past! 

A couple of weeks ago, my dad celebrated his "Chinese Birthday" when my relatives from Canada were all here.  He picked President as the restaurant was known to search good, quality Chinese dish for decades!  (Side note:  The last time we celebrated something in this restaurant was my college graduation!  That was years and years and years ago!!!)

My dad made reservations a week before the event and picked his choice of set menu which is good for 12 persons!

5 Kinds of Cold Cuts

Japanese Cutter Fish Saute with Fresh Asparagus

Fried Stuffed Fish on Toast

"Sibut" Soup 

Native chicken with Chinese Herbs

Braised Double Chinese Mushroom

Fried Pigeon A'la President

Baked Crab with Ginger and Onion

Steamed Lapu-Lapu

Special Pastry

Almond Bean Curd with Lychees

Overall, the food were all great and they are served fresh and flavorful!  President Grand Palace Restaurant never fails in giving us authentic Chinese dishes.  The set menu does not charge you tax or service charge (great) but they do not allow Senior Citizen ID.

President Grand Palace Restaurant
746 Ongpin Street Binondo Manila
Tel. no: (632) 242-1473

Have you dined in President at Chinatown?
If yes, how was your experience?

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  1. My childhood fave fr presidents: super fresh seafood and taosi eel

    1. Ay in fairness, I'm not an eel eater,ewan ko ba! hahahah :) Thanks!

  2. Replies
    1. hahaha Haven't had any Buchi for long? :) Come over here! :D

  3. yumm!!! gimme the pigeon and crab, and u can have the rest!

    1. hahahahah well I'm not a fan of Pigeon and I'm allergic to crabs so go ahead, we can be friends during dinner! :D

  4. Hi, came across your site as I was looking for my son's baptismal reception venue. I haven't tried this restaurant but it seems perfect. The set menu is good for how many people? How much should I alot for 30 people? And any additional recommendations? Thanks!

    1. Hi sis, I strongly recommend you to give them a call or visit them as they have more than 5-8 types of sets depending on your budget and "dishes", each table (good for 12) costs around 7k to more (again, depending on the dishes). You just have to let them know their budget but I believe the lowest is around 6.5-7k :)


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