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AMW Reviews: Charm Travel Pro Limited Edition --- Sonia

Sophie has been a blogger friend of mine for years.  When she told me about the new travel pro brush set she's coming up with, I've never been more excited for her, the brand and her mom!

“Sonia is my mom’s name and I am dedicating this first ever limited edition set to her.” --- as proudly mentioned by Sophie of Beauty & Minerals.  I can still remember those days when she felt listless as she can't seem to find the perfect fabric for the limited edition pouch.  Until one day, Sophie recalls how her mom was able to find the perfect animal print fabric!  "There were a lot of challenges as it is in any business but my mom never failed to provide support every step of the way, I am just so lucky to have that,” she adds. 

With that history in mind, I couldn't imagine naming this gorgeous limited edition brush set otherwise!

Charm says ---
In celebration of Charm’s fifth year, Sonia’s brushes’ come in golden ferrules which triumphs the five successful years that the brand has been in the market. “Charm Brushes are more than just tools -- to me and my clients, it’s an accessory that we just don’t leave home without. Kind of like its name, charm,” Sophie says with a smile.

Charm Travel Pro, for the first time, is available in a limited edition design, in luxurious gold ferrules, sleek black handles, housed in animal print for that timeless, elegant take in fashion. Luxury. Elegance. Fashion statement. What more can you ask for ?

Length: Longest brush is approx. 5.75 inches.

AMW says ---
  • Each set will be housed in a gorgeous box perfect for gift-giving.
  • Each brush wrapped in a clear plastic for protection against scratch.
  • Combination of natural and synthetic bristles perfect for specific makeup applications.
  • The set includes everything you need for a light to heavy makeup application!
  • No bleeding nor shedding.
  • Gorgeous matte black handle and matte gold ferrule.  So far, the handle and ferrule of all the Charm brushes I own are still intact.  No chipping.
  • As compared to the previous Travel Pro v.2 , this set is a tad better.  This set is similiar to v.3 (Please click v.2 and v.3 link for past reviews.)
  • Price.  Affordable for quality.
  • Limited edition!
  • Can't seem to find one!  Maybe, the idea of wanting more Travel Pro brush sets even if you already own one?
A brush set perfect for travel at the same time, you get all the brushes you need for a full faced makeup application.  Combination of natural and synthetic hair.  

  • Wash upon purchase.
  • Best to invest on a brush cleaner and clean it on EVERY use.  Deep cleansing is done at least once a week!
  • Personalize your brushes by putting a sticker or painting it with a nail polish at the tip of your handle.
  • Make sure ALL brushes are COMPLETELY dry before you start using them again.
  • Always dry the brushes flat on top of a dry towel.
  •  When in doubt, check out the brushes in stores or bazaars rather than just via online.
Will I repurchase?
Based on all my Charm brushes experiences, I do not need to repurchase any of the brushes as they're all working properly and still in good condition until this very moment.  Will highly recommend!

To whom do I recommend this to?
Makeup enthusiasts (who also loves animal print) who wants a COMPLETE brush set of their own that works!  Makeup professionals can even use this on clients!  

Where to purchase and how much?
Priced at Php2,750.00 (approx $65.50) available online or visit PurBeauty, Serendra and The Ramp, Crossings at Shangri-La Plaza Branch Ground Floor.


Fresh out of the box.
Each brushes were individually wrapped with a clear plastic.  All the brushes on the left hand side (facing you) have extra plastic sleeves to prevent fly-away.

Each brush has its own space inside the pouch, brushes fit snugly inside the case and you won't have them messed up during travel.  Eye brushes have smaller handles which fits the right hand side of the pouch (facing you) perfectly.  Face brushes have bigger handles which fits the left hand side of the pouch.

 14 pcs. Charm Travel Pro Limited Edition Brush Set Sonia
In terms of color and the texture of the handle, it is very similar to the Charm Travel Pro v. 3, similar matte black handle, instead of the matte pink handle on v.3, this one is in classy gold.  The combination is perfect and unique! 

 Same brushes as v. 3

 Let me break down to you each of the brushes and their usage
(Click THIS LINK to see brush hairs up close)

 (Functions are not limited to what I've written here.  Feel free to experiment and use them as you please.)
  1. Lip Brush - for lipstick application or spot concealing.
  2. Brow Spoolie - perfect for eyebrow grooming, brow gel application and separate mascara that clumps on your lashes.
  3. Eyebrow shading brush - the stiffness is great for brow powder application.  It grabs eyebrow powders so well I can't live without this!
  4. Bent Eyeliner Brush - perfect for gel liner application, Avant Garde makeup (for those special drawing tricks you need to do on your face) or spot concealing.
  5. Flat Liner brush - eyeliner application using powders on both upper and lower lash lines.
  6. Pencil Point Brush - eyeshadow application on outer-v for monlids or people with small eyes.  This brush is also my to-go-to brush in applying eyeshadow on the lower lashline for a smoky eye makeup look.
  7. Blending Brush - works just like MAC224, a blending brush for people with medium to large lid space.  This brush is also a favorite of mine to apply concealer and powders on the eye area.
  8. Angled Eyeshadow Brush - blending of eyeshadow and eyeshadow application.
  9. Wet/Dry Eyeshadow Brush - can be used to apply eyeshadow.  Foiling of mineral eyeshadow will also look good with this brush.
  10. Concealer Brush - for spot concealing and also a nice brush to apply/spread eyeshadow base.
  11. Foundation Brush - moisturizer, primer and liquid/cream foundation application is a breeze with this brush.
  12. Angled Blush Brush - for face contouring and blush application.
  13. Powder Brush - powder foundation/setting powder application.  This brush can also be used to apply body glitters.
  14. Stippling Brush - perfect for an "airbrushed" makeup look.  Stippling liquid/cream foundation with this brush may take longer time but the effect is a dream!
 Once brushes are completely dry, you can store them back and protect the brush hairs with a clear plastic cover that goes with the pouch.

Do you own any travel pro brush sets?
If not, do you have at least ONE Charm Brush item?  Which one and do you like it?

My first ever brush from Beauty & Minerals was a Kabuki Brush.  It was my first good brush that I purchased locally and as years passed, I'm proud to say, Charm listens to feedback and suggestions and I am so proud of my dear friend as her brand grows bigger and better!  This Limited Edition brush set called Sonia is such a wonderful way to celebrate Charm's 5th year anniversary and this brush set is close to my heart as both Sophie and I are close to our moms!

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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

(Product gifted to me because I'm a wonderful friend *lol*  Opinions 100% mine.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)


  1. sis! i like the baby buki and flat top brush from u! this travel set looks REALLY compact!

    1. awww, I'm glad you love it! I'm sure you'll enjoy this set as well!

  2. looks fab and chic! i really love Charm's blending brush -- no-brainer!

  3. I want this one but I want the sigma mrs bunny travel kit as well. Can't decide which one to buy. Help please!

    1. Depends on which brush you need. The Sigma Mrs. Bunny travel Kit is gorgeous as well, I love the packaging and the colors but it's not as complete for me! :)

  4. Hi! Are you sure these brushes don't shed? I'm sorry for asking again, but I just want to make sure. I was traumatized with my first set of make-up brushes because they've been shedding since the time I bought them. I don't want to spend more on something that sheds everyday. Hoping for your advice on this. Thank you!

    1. I can vouch that mine doesn't shed until this very day! But of course, you have to keep in mind to know how to wash them correctly and store them to keep the brush from environmental "harm".

      Which set of make-up brush did you purchase (which brand) and were you able to tell the seller they shed?

  5. I'm new at this whole make-up brush thing, so forgive my endless questions. What do we have to do to make sure the brushes don't shed? I got the Sueshe brush set and after washing the poofy powder brush and stippling brush after using it for the first time, it hasn't stopped shedding! :( I would always have a hair or two or three on different parts of my face after using it.

    1. It's okay.
      I do own a Suesh brush set from 4-5yrs ago and so far, it doesn't shed as much until this very day. If it does shed its around 2-3 hairs only.
      So I guess it has to do with the way you wash it. Kindly search in this blog on upper right hand side on "how to wash your brushes" as I remember blogging about ways to take care of the brushes.

      BTW, if you purchase the Charm brush set, there is also instructions at the back of the box on how to wash it.

  6. Yay! Thank you so much for your help. Sorry for bombarding you with a dozen questions at a time. Thank you once again.

  7. By the way, one last question. If you were to buy a brush set for daily make-up application + the occasional party only, which one would you recommend? Suesh, Charm, or EcoTools?

    1. All 3 brands you mentioned are good but personally speaking I'll go for Charm as I've been using mine for quite some time and I'm happy with it!

  8. I just got the Charm Pro Brush set and I love them all! There is no wasted piece. I am able to use them all. How I wish Charm was around already 8 years ago! Would have saved me lots of money from buying dismal brush sets that promised so much but delivered so poorly. Or those brush sets that offer 14 pieces but only had 5 or 6 useful ones.

    Anyway, I will have to admit that during travels, lugging the whole Pro Set won't be good for my poor shoulders - unless I have my suitcase around... But for those moments when you will only have a hand or shoulder bag, well... Going without Charm brushes will make me feel unarmed. Unready. So... I have decided to buy these as well after my next pay. If not, then I'll buy these as a gift to myself for my coming 23rd birthday. :)

    1. I know what you mean about the Charm Pro Brush set I've been using it for clients myself and totally loved it! :) thanks for sharing your thoughts! :)


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