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AMW Reviews: Fairydrops Candy Bar BB Cream in Light Ochre

Mark this day!  Today, I will be sharing a review on my top BB cream to date!  Long time AMW readers would know how much I love my Skin 79 VIP Gold BB Cream and I finished up 3 huge bottles of it and I am currently on my 4th and last bottle!  As I was juggling my brain on what to do next since I don't have stocks left for my favorite BB Cream, look what I've found!  The newest BB Cream that I love and seriously can't believe it jumped up to AMW's No. 1 BB Cream spot!

Based from research, Fairydrops Candy Bar BB Cream is a Japanese brand produced by Mayumi Yasutomo, a newscaster, who desired to have a product that will make her skin looks flawless on camera!

Fairy Drops says ---
  • Makes skin look flawless even while on camera with 5 treatment essences.
  • 5 kinds of treatment essence to moisturize and for healthy glowing skin: Hydrolyzed Collagen, Squalane, Sodium Hyaluronate, Jojoba Seed Oil and Panthenol.
  • Oil-free, waterproof and lightweight formula.
  • Has micro-gold pearls that hide scars and freckles, diffuses light to hide wrinkles and smoothens and softens skin.
  • No SPF.  SPF gives off a white cast when one is photographed.
  • Doesn't look flat on skin.  
Shades: Light Ochre and Ochre

AMW says ---
  • Super cute and unique BB Cream packaging.
  • The sponge that comes with it makes it easy to apply during travel.
  • Sponge gives "even" coverage.
  • The formulation is very light.
  • Oil-free yet not drying.
  • Gives a good coverage without white cast.  It covered the red spots on my face and minimized the darkness of my under eye circles.
  • I can get away with using only this product and set with a powder.
  • My skin looks flawless and clean for the whole day no matter how busy I was running errands.
  • Doesn't transfer on clothing.
  • No gray cast.
  • Only 2 shades available.
  • Price.  This BB cream is lesser in amount as compared to other BB creams. (But personally speaking, it's super WORTH it!)
  • Lacks SPF (as compared to other pricey BB Creams) but I guess it's a huge reason why this BB Cream doesn't create white cast on flash photography.  
The Fairydrops Candy Bar BB Cream has a good amount of coverage, it can cover a bit of my under eye darkness and redness.  The product is lightweight and can last the whole day with very minimal retouch.

  • Light Ochre is best used if you are MAC NC20-25.  Ochre is a ta bit darker.
  • If you really LOVE to try this BB Cream but think both shades available won't match, you can always adjust the shade by using a darker or lighter powder foundation to "set" the BB Cream.
  • For fuller coverage, use the sponge application and apply it in a quick, patting motion.
  • For quick application, squeeze out the product at the back of your hand and apply using your fingers or foundation brush.
  • Wash the sponge regularly to prevent bacteria buildup.
  • For lesser makeup application finish off by concealing areas that needs to be concealed and set with powder   Lesser amount of makeup applied will let our skin breathe.
  • Apply face sunblock prior to BB Cream application.
  • Skip sunblock application if you will be photographed on that day.      
  • Very dry skin individuals needs to apply more moisturizer on dry areas prior to BB Cream application.
  • For very oily skinned individuals, a good oil-control primer may still be needed underneath.
  • Once signs of irritations occur, STOP product usage.
Will I repurchase?

To whom do I recommend this to?

Normal, combination, dry or oily skinned individuals.  
Where to purchase and how much?

Available in all Beauty Bar stores for Php1,550.00 (approx $37.00)LIKE FairyDrops Philippines on Facebook for more product updates.


The back side of the packaging.
Everything was written in Japanese but good thing ingredients list are in English.

Fairydrops Candy Bar BB Cream 
comes in a squeeze-type tube with detachable sponge applicator.

Upon unscrewing the sponge applicator
This gives a nice control on the amount of product you need.
Some people prefer to squeeze a good amount of product at the back of the hand and dab on the sponge for an even application.

While others may prefer to squeeze the BB Cream directly while sponge applicator is attached.  It all boils down to your personal preference.

I like applying this BB Cream with a quick dabbing motion then gently blend out "obvious" edges with clean fingers.

Half face application
Left side (facing you): applied moderate amount of Fairydrops Candy Bar BB Cream
Right side (facing you): no makeup at all.
I picked the day I had the least sleep in my entire life for my eyebags to look like that!  I have insomnia since I got pregnant and this photo was taken with only 3 hours of sleep. (Note: I just applied the product directly from tube and didn't get to blend out the harsh edges with my fingers yet to show you the area where I applied the BB cream.)

Before and after photo taken under natural light
Left photo: Clean face without a trace of makeup.
Right photo: With Fairydrops Candy Bar BB Cream in Light Ochre applied moderately.
Observations: Check how the darkness under the eye were lightened and my face looks more even as the redness around the cheeks and chin were completely covered.

A closer look on Fairydrops Candy Bar BB Cream applied all over
I am using Light Ochre shade which works so well on MAC NC20-25 skin.
Ochre would probably go well for MAC NC30-35.

Have you tried Fairydrops Candy Bar BB Cream or other Japanese made BB Creams?
What are your experience?  Do you like Korean or Japanese BB Creams?

As for me, this is my first Japanese BB Cream and I'm very happy with the experience.  I may have found the best BB Cream for me (for now) but I'm still willing to give other BB creams a try because...just because I'm curious like that! :)

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(Product received for review.  Opinions 100% mine.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)


  1. judging from the photos, it really has a nice coverage! :) looks really worth it

    1. sis, super worth it! Fave ko na siya for now! :D

  2. Wow! It really looks great on pictures...sadly, it's expensive compared to other BB creams on the market :)

    1. Sis, I know what you mean, buti na lang it worked so well on me so it's worth it! :D

  3. I can't wait to go to Japan and buy loads of makeup hahahaha


    1. Ay for sure! Malulula ka! Kahit sa Akihabara which is supposed to be for electronic/anime stuff, magulat ka they have makeup din ! :D Enjoy your trip!

  4. Oohh! I've read raves about this recently, can't wait to try it ^^ Thanks for the review!!! ^^

    1. My pleasure, I've read raves about this product too and I'm glad it worked for me!

  5. It sure looks like it's worth every buck! But you should be getting more sleep, too! (You're pregnant, after all :3)

    take care!

    1. Sis April, thanks for the concern! Yup, I do know I need all the sleep I can get but it must be the pregnancy hormones. I have a hard time sleeping since I got pregnant! No matter how early I get to bed, I have this discomfort that makes it super difficult to sleep! But I do take naps! Thanks!

  6. Dear I hope you sleep more, baby AMW needs it! :)

    1. Hi sis, thanks for the concern! How I wish I can ask my body to sleep well at night! It just happens that I have all this discomfort when I got pregnant and I find it super difficult to sleep! Thanks but I take naps! :) Baby AMW thanks you too for the concern *winks*

  7. I gotta try that Fairy Drops. That looks cute and looks effective on you.

    1. Hi Cherise, you can give their testers a test and see which color suits you!

  8. Fantastic review, your before and after photos are very helpful to actually see the BB creme on! Thanks.

  9. The Japanese sure know how their makeup! :D

  10. The Japanese sure know how to do their makeup products right! :D

  11. How does this compare to Snoe BB cream, which I recall you also liked?

    1. Yeah, I love both BB creams still but the reason why this goes to my #1 list is because of the shade and the coverage, it matches my shade perfectly plus coverage is quite good! For Snoe, I have finished using it and the good point is the fact that it is very moisturizing for my dry skin! :D


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