Monday, January 28, 2013

I Wonder: What Will You Include in Your SOS Kit?

Before the year 2012 ended, I got an invite from Bridges PR for a nice lunch and unveiling of a "Beauty Secret".  I have to admit, I was very intrigued, but because morning sickness got the best of me, I had to decline and prayed I get to know what these "Beauty secrets" are!  

Thanks Franco, for sending me the SOS kit that's perfect not only for the holidays but wonderful as these are instant beauty fixes I need since I don't feel and look good at this time of my life!  Come on, hormones!  Who can control them?

SOS Beauty Kit

Included inside the kit are wonderful must-have products to make any girl survive a day looking like a diva.  Okay, not really a diva but at least, well made up to face anyone!  

Do you spot familiar brands and products?

Some Instant Fixes ---
  1. Pouch - any cute pouch you own that would fit all your essentials.
  2. CloseUp White Now - I have used this product for a year and used this daily after lunch!  This product does help whiten your teeth instantly because of its Blue Foam Technology.  (Think why red lipstick with blue base can make anyone's teeth whiter?  Same concept!)
  3. Acca Kappa Travel Toothbrush - or any brush that you can bring at work!
  4. Maybelline Falsies Mascara - this mascara is great for volumizing your lashes.  As for me, I still love my Maybelline Volum' Express mascara!
  5. Nars Orgasm - true to the name of the product, it gives a nice euphoric vibe to anyone who wears this.  This blush I have one in my makeup train case and I have another one for personal use!  This works for most skin tones! 
  6. The Balm Kabuki Brush - the K-brush is the easiest brush to tote during travel due to its size and various functions!  This works not only as a blush brush but also a powder retouch brush!
  7. Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick in Gabrielle - Red lipstick will always be an instant fixer to any girls!  Though it is a bit scary to wear red mid-day, a deep warm red shade as the Gabrielle from Chanel works so well anytime of the day!  I can get away with no eye makeup on wearing just this lip shade! 
Check out the gorgeous shade!  This is my current favorite red lippie as of the moment!  Even Mr. AMW (who's not used to seeing me wear bright red lipsticks) approved this!

A girl, of course can bring much more makeup as long as she has the space for it!  Given the chance to add my SOS kit, I would add my favorite setting powder and my recent favorite face illuminizer as of the moment!  Benefit's Girl Meets Pearl!  Can't blame me, I'm a "glowy skin" type of girl!

Now, it's my turn to take a "virtual peek" on what's in your SOS Kit!  If you are given this size of a pouch, I WONDER --- "What Will You Include in Your SOS Kit?"
Aside from the products listed above, I want to add that SMILING is the best secret in making even a makeup-free face look gorgeous!  Try it!  It's free! :D

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  1. I guess I'll put in my bronzer, concealer, a pink lipstick, my flat top kabuki brush and loose powder. It'll fit! :D

    1. Nice to know you're a bronzer girl too! :) Thanks for sharing your virtual Kit :D

  2. Very nice kit!!

    As for me I'll put a compact powder, concealer, mascara, oil blotting tissues, lip balm and pink blush :) Also hand cream and cuticle oil are must haves LOL~

    1. hand cream and cuticle oil is a great idea! Never thought of that!

  3. I love that red color on you! It's gorgeous :)

    My everyday SOS kit would include: oil blotting sheets, pressed powder (must have mirror inside), lip balm, red lipstick/liptint, hand sanitizer, hand cream, cologne and baby wipes/tissue. Oh, and since I have eyeglasses, I always bring wipes just in case they get dirty hehe.

    1. Oil Blotting sheets! I would agree this is your "savior" when it comes to makeup!

      Wipes are great Idea, I have them inside my bag but not inside the pouch :D

  4. i love that red lippie on you! for me, iw ill bring my powder, blotting sheets, coral lipstick and blush ....

    1. Super nice yung red lippie! Gulat ako it works for my skin and hindi "awkward" :D

  5. small loose powder, yep red lipstick, mac beguile, laura mercier cocoa caviar, perfume in its sample size,altoids, virlix antihistamine, and a cute tweezer so i have something to do inside the car while waiting :-) hi! a new follower here :-)

    1. Tweezers! Thanks for the reminder, I used to carry them as I always have "stray hairs" to pluck!


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