Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Nail Art Tutorial: Welcoming 2013 Nails!

A wonderful day everyone!  I am so excited to share my post today as it has been almost half a year since my last nail art tutorial!  Do you still remember my last nail art design?  If not, feel free to click HERE and see my Big vs. Small nail art design!

Looking back at my post, I wasn't able to play Casino game at Resort's world and didn't went home a billionaire but I got something even better!  I got pregnant and I have Baby AMW which turned out to be the greatest gift I received for the year 2012!

Before I go dramatic, *sniffles*  I posted about a nail polish brand that's free from THE BIG 3 --- Formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate and best of all, it's affordable!  (read Eureka Moment post HERE I did wish that they come up with more shades and my prayers were answered!  Isn't it the greatest timing?

Girl Stuff Nail Polish Newest Shades and Collection

And here's my Welcoming 2013 Nail Art!
This design was inspired by the color of the year --- Emerald but since I don't have any "safe" emerald polish on hand, I settled for apple green!  Aside from the color inspiration, I also included some of the Christmas colors --- Red and Green and inserted my Chinese Belief --- round/circles for luck!

Step 1:
Apply 2 coats of Girl Stuff Nail Polish in Avo Loco.  Let dry.  It is best to apply your choice of base coat prior to polish application.

Step 2:
Using Orly Polish in Haute Red, I draw random stripes as shown on photo below.  

Step 3:
Using a medium length stripping brush, I dip a dark green Acrylic Paint and draw borders.

The end result would be like this.

Step 4:
With a large sized dotting tool, I dipped a bright yellow acrylic paint and drew large circles randomly.

Step 5:
Shifting to a smaller dotting tool and the same Bright Yellow Acrylic Paint, I drew smaller dots.  

Step 6:
To add a bit of dimension making the circles look like "bubbles", I used a White Acrylic Paint and drew random white dots on top of the yellow dots.

Step 7:
Since Acrylic Paints are quick drying, I proceeded by applying Girl Stuff Nail Polish in Fireworks on top of the nail art design.  

Fireworks is such a perfect polish to give sparkles for the new year!
Step 8:
Giving a bit of time for the glitter polish to dry, apply 1 coat of Top Coat to protect your nail art and keep your polish longer!

Voila!  Very simple nails welcoming the New Year 2013!  This design works for both long and short nails!

A closer look on the Girl Stuff Nail Polishes you will see every now and then on my nail art tutorial posts!
(L-R) Fireworks (Special Color), Avo Loco, Blues, Lov Lav, Pretty Pink, 
Twilight, Jade, Flirt (Special Color) and Dare (Special Color)

Did you missed my nail art tutorials?  Do you want me to create a special post on various nail art brushes and its usage?
I hope you enjoyed my first nail art tutorial for the year 2013 and let's pray for more creative brain juices for YOU and ME! :D

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Yay! for the new nail art tutorial! This mani looks super cute! Love all those colors!

    1. Thanks Anastacia! It's nice coming from you! :D

  2. it's quite a huge color range considering that it's 3 free. i miss ur nail art sis!

  3. I'm finally back from vacation mode, hehe. First of all, happy new year sis! Oh, i miss reading your posts! And I also miss your beautiful nail arts!

    1. Ohhh vacation mode? hahahah ang haba ng vacation mode mo! thanks for coming back to read my blog posts! Happy new Year sis!

  4. I love it, it's so colourful and cute!

  5. Ang galing galing i find it difficult to draw on my right hand kasi chek out my konad stamp

  6. wonderful design and application :) the nail polish seems good for nail art mala acrylic paint! hehe. I better check them out. may I know what nail art brush are you using? where did you get them? thanks :)

    1. Hi Loli, I will create a special post regarding the nail art brushes I got ! Pleae do check back ok? :D

  7. Pretty as always!!! ^__^

    Yes, tutorial on nail art tools, please!!! ^__^

  8. I love your nail art tutorials! But I was wondering how do you keep both right and left hands beautiful? I mean, I can make acceptable nail art on my left hand but my right hand always look dreadful!

    1. Hi Michelle, thanks for the compliment. Well, I have nothing more to say but really, PRACTICE is all it takes for you to be able to do both hands! Sometimes, there are some nail art designs that I find difficult to do the other hand, but we can never learn unless we try! I've been doing this for years so I guess it pays to practice :D


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