Saturday, February 2, 2013

AMW Reports: Benefit Staff Workshop at B Spot

It was very early Saturday morning that I was back at the B Spot (Benefit Philippines Office).  I haven't been back in this place since my first ever visit a year ago before Benefit officially opened in the Philippines (read post HERE).

This time, I'm back not to check out Benefit products but I'm back to do the thing I love most --- Teach about makeup!  The Benebabes, who are my students for the day, are already experts in their field but just like me, they're always open for training to gain more knowledge!  I am so happy and honored I was chosen to do this job!

To start off the class, I think it is very important to stress about skincare and we did a bit of chit chat learning about each other's skin!  

Since all the girls were stripped off with makeup, they immediately told me their concern on under eye circles and spots!  How to get rid of them?  Everyone tried my "trick" on how to use the Benefit's Erase Paste

We also continued with foundation application using Hello Flawless and the right way to apply foundation while keeping the "concealer" intact.  Everyone, please say: "Pat! Pat! Pat!"

What's the best way to enhance one's look?  By fixing your brows!  These Benebabes sure knows how to fix anyone's brows and it was a fun day as we discussed about different brow shapes!

The girls work as a team!  They do each other's makeup and learn from each other as well!

Day time eye makeup was also done and it all boils down to the eye shape of each individual!  I do not believe in creating ONE eye makeup for everybody!  I believe that each individual have different eye shapes and we need to dive into the best eye makeup for each eye shapes!

All the girls working their way to prettify their partner as I move next to Aubrey who doesn't have a partner so I have to do half of her face as she does the other half!

Here are the simple makeovers done by the Benefit team!

Benefit's Chief Fun Officer Aubrey

Benefit's Marketing Executive Paula

3 Gorgeous Store Managers from 
Benefit Glorietta, Greenbelt and Shangri-La Mall!

It was a full 4 hours fun workshop that I won't forget!  I am happy the girls left the office with added knowledge from yours truly and I have to admit, I learned so much more about the brand and the products they offer that same day!

As for YOU who are not working at the said company, I have some workshops lined up at various Benefit stores!  To start off, I have one today at Benefit Greenbelt 5 Boutique!  To get updated on other schedules and their locations, Please LIKE Benefit Phlippines on Facebook for updates!  I can't wait to share my makeup knowledge to you!
Thank you so much Benefit Philippines for the trust!

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  1. Wow! I really admire your skills! :) Hope I can be so good in makeup and skincare too one day.
    I really like how the makeup from Benefit changes how we look in a very natural way.
    Here's my humble little blog
    Whenever I want to learn something, I will come to your blog to have a look. Thanks for all the wonderful posts and reviews you've done so far.

  2. wow! this looks so much fun! :) i'm sure thay learned a lot from you :)

    1. Ang sweet mo naman sis, thanks I hope they learn a lot from me :D


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