Friday, March 1, 2013

AskMeMom: Mom-to-Be Knows Best

It is funny how I'm starting to write about parenting even though Baby AMW technically have at least a month left inside my tummy!  That's what they say;  it's never too early to start practicing being a mom!

Upon reaching 31st week of pregnancy, I came into a complete halt with my daily tasks and was suddenly worried!  A couple of things were running through my head --- Am I prepared to be a mom?  Will I be a good mom?  Do I have all the things needed before baby comes out? What if baby gets sick and I can't do anything about it?

Because of those crazy thoughts juggling inside my head, I had a brief talk with Mr. AMW a couple of nights ago sharing my ultimate mother-related concerns.  We had quite a long conversation and it was such a heartwarming talk I'd love to share it to all of you.  

Mr. AMW reminded me the time I nearly saw my mom passed away right in front of my eyes almost 4 years ago.  Because of this unfortunate situation, my mom suffered from clinical depression due to chemical imbalance.  After 6 months in denial from my mom's side, we were able to "force" her to see a Psychiatrist and I was advised by the doctor not to leave our mom alone as most patients suffering from depression could get into suicidal stage.  Though married, I talked to my husband to give me "time" to take care of my mom.  At the same time, I took the plunge and talked to my  boss to shorten my work days and hours so I can take care of my mom.  It was a huge decision as I could lose my job!  Thankfully, both my husband and my boss were very understanding.

For the next 3 years, my daily routine would circle around work, doing household chores from going to the market, cooking, taking the dogs out for a walk, washing the dishes, taking my mom to the doctor, buying her medications and making sure she takes her medications on time etc...  It was a difficult task for someone who's married and living far from my mom's place but I didn't mind doing all those for the safety of my mom and for her quick recovery.

Fast forward to the present, my mom miraculously recovered and her health is even better than before! 

I'm not sharing this story just to boast how great of a daughter I am, or how wonderful I am as a person.  I am sharing this story just so you know that we, as daughters would do everything for our family to keep them safe and healthy.  That enough said, Mr. AMW told me how much sacrifice I've done for the love of my family, I will definitely do the same for our son-to-be and you know what?  I think he's right!  Knowing how OC I am in terms of simple things in life especially for my loved ones' safety, I am sure I will be the same or even "OC-er" once Baby AMW arrives!  

Speaking about OC-ness, a company who shares the same "OC" sentiments as I do is Wilkins.  I have friends advising me to make sure to give only Wilkins Distilled water to AMW family and it isn't a huge change on my part as our family has always been a Wilkins-drinker.  Mr. AMW has the world's most sensitive tummy so I take the brand of our water at home seriously making sure my family is safe!

And because of that, I am inviting all mommies out there to share their own stories as uncompromising mothers just like I did sharing my story as an uncompromising daughter.
  • Moms aged 18 and above can submit their stories.
  • In 400 words or less, write about how you give your family the best love and care.  You may include the challenges you faced, the lengths you've gone to, or the sacrifice and difficult choices you needed to make. 
  • You may write in English, Tagalog or Tag-lish.  Submit your story at
  • 5 stories will be chosen for publication in Smart Parenting magazine and 1 story will be turned into a 10-minute short film aired on TV.
  • Prices include ---
    a. Writers of the 5 selected stories for publication in magazine will each receive Php 5,000 cash and Php 5,000 gift certificates for Wilkins products.
    b. Grand winner (story will be turned into a short film) will receive Php 10,000 cash and P5,000 gift certificates for Wilkins products

Do you have a story to share on how you make sure to keep your family and loved ones' safety at bay?
I'd love to hear from you!

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(Some talking points suggested by sponsors but story and opinions written are mine.)


  1. Mr. AMW is right! I'm sure you will be a great mother to lil AMW... kaw pa! I'm happy for you sis and your mom is lucky to have you as a daughter....

    1. Thanks sis! ang sweet naman ng message mo :D

  2. Aweeee! You are so close to have the baby :)

    1. I know Anastacia, a month left! everything will be different :D

  3. i know this is very off-topic, but my dad discourages us from drinking distilled water. it's hypotonic and will make body cells's better drinking purified or alkanized (ph9-9.5) water to keep the cells properly hydrated.

    1. I see, thanks for the update. SO far, I haven't heard anything bad naman about distilled water on my side :D


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