Thursday, February 28, 2013

Nail Art Tutorial: My 34th Birthday!

Today is my birthday!  Happy Birthday to me! :)
I've celebrated 5 birthdays in this blog!  I can still remember the day I turned 30 and it felt like months ago!  
To celebrate my special day, I'm sharing a kiddie birthday nail art as mid-30s or 40s or 50s, we can always be child-at-heart!

My 24th Birthday Nails!
*ahem*  mistyped, I meant 34th!  *laughs*

Step 1:
Though my doctor gave me a go signal on using nail polishes, I am still very careful with the nail polish brands I use.  I make sure they are free from the Big 3 (toxic chemicals).  I skipped nail polish base and went ahead and apply 2 coats of Estee Lauder Pure Color Nail Lacquer in Narcissist.
I wanted to create a girly, candy-like vibe so I applied this shade only on my pinky, middle and pointer fingernails.


Step 2:
For the ring fingernails and thumbnails, I picked Girl Stuff Lov Lav polish or a matte lilac shade polish and applied 2 coats.  Let dry before we proceed with the nail art designs.

Step 3:
Starting at the simplest design, I picked my Nail Art Dotting tool and create random big and small dots as shown on photo below.

Step 4:
On the same fingernail, I also created random white dots making sure some of the dots overlap the hot pink dots.  This is one of the simplest nail art design anyone can start with. (I'm urging you!)

Step 5:
Using Girl Stuff Nail Polish in Pretty Pink (same polish used to create dots on step 4), I did a simple French Tip on my middle fingernail.

Step 6:
With my L.A. Colors Art Deco Nail Art Lacquer in white, I drew a line just below the hot pink French Tip created above.

Step 7:

Create dots similar to the ones done on your pinky fingernail.

Do not forget the overlapping white dots!

Step 8:
Now on to the ring finger, with L.A. Art Deco Nail Lacquer in white, I've created 2 lines and filled the rest with matte white polish.  This will be the candle.

Step 9:
Using any thin art brush, as for me, I used my old L.A. Art Deco Nail Lacquer Brush and dipped it on a red hot polish and create diagonal lines for the birthday candle design.

Step 10:
I picked a neon polish shade from Orly called GlowStick, I used a nail art dotting tool to create a "flame".

Step 11:
As for the pointer finger, I wanted to show a candy cane-like image, using a matte white polish, I created 2 thick, diagonal lines as shown below.

As soon as the white polish is completely dry, I drew a very thin line at the center of the white diagonal line.  This reminded me so much of candy canes but not the "Christmas-y" ones due to the change of colors!

Step 12:
Now on to both thumbnails, I picked a brown polish from Paul & Joe (shade 003) and drew a rectangular image. This will be the body of your cupcake.

Step 13:
Create "fluffy" outline like that of cupcakes.

Step 14:
As soon as the white shade has been filled in.  Make sure the white portion is completely dry before you proceed with dotting the cupcake with hot pink dots!  Now the cupcake looks yummier! :D

For a better cupcake image, I drew 3 straight lines on the brown rectangular image created earlier.

Feel free to apply glitters on top of any of the fingernails you wish to sparkle! 

I can't seem to imagine a more child-like birthday nails like this!  Well, it's always fun to be young at heart and young on nails! :)

Enjoy my 34th Birthday Nail Art Design!

Have you finally tried doing nail art on yourself?
How about starting up by creating random dots? 

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. cutee!!! tinamad na nga ko mgnail art, i resorted to decals nalang,

    1. hahah nail decals are nice too! :) I'll settle for that if tamad din ako :D

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Mie! Marriage suits you, gumaganda ka pa lalo sis :D

  3. Happy Birthday Nikki! I wish you all the best and all your magic dreams come true!!

    What a cute mani! Super special - super girlie :)

    1. Aawww thanks for the birthday wishes Anastacia, I wish to meet you someday :D and see your nail art in real life! :D

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks love! see you around soon? :D stay pretty!

  5. This is soooo cute! Love the colors and the design.... we will always be young at heart :) Happy happy birthday sis! I wish you all the best! :)

    1. OO naman, yan ang mga ayaw umamin na tumatanda ! TAYO YON! :))))

  6. happy birthday sis!!!! i am sure this year is more special than the past years!

    1. Thanks Xin, I agree, and I wish you all the best too! You are my fellow Feb birthday celebrant right? So I have a feeling all our wishes will come true this year *winks*

  7. Super cute nail art! Happy birthday! :)

    1. Thank you for the birthday greeting and for appreciating my kiddie nail art design :D

  8. Super cute nail art! Happy birthday! :)

  9. So cute!! Should definitely put a smile on people's faces when they see it :) happy birthday!

    1. yay! thanks for the compliment, people do take a look at my nails! :D They find it too.ahmm..colorful! HAHAHA

  10. Nice nail art so cuteeeeee! Anyway Happy Birthday Ms. Nikki may u have more bday's to come, ka-Bday mo pla mother ko....Take care & God bless:-)

    1. really? awww..happy birthday to your mom too! How did you celebrate her special day :D God bless too!

    2. We just went to Rufos Makati since last day din nila nung 28 sa old branch nila sa kalayaan makati we had our lunch there to celebrate mom's bday:-)...lapit n tayo manganak its my second baby pro mas kinakabahan ako ngayon hehehee...

  11. Happy birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day!

    And the nail art is so cute!

    1. thank you Gio for being a long time "cyber friend" Thank you for the birthday wishes :D


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