Saturday, March 23, 2013

AMW Bulletin:

Hi AMW friends!  Remember my post about The Rose Fever because of this guy named Jorgen?  Everyone who commented mentioned how sweet he was and hope we get to have more guys like him!  (I concur!) 

Because I'm a researcher by nature (in short: Chismosa), I went ahead and Google-d Jorgen and found a site dedicated and written for him by a girl named Christine.

Admit it, you're leaving my site now and heading to Jorgendipity website now!  *hmph*  Oh well, a love story is a love story, who doesn't want that?

Jorgendipity, the website reminded me so much of my favorite movie of all time!  Serendipity!  I watched the movie so many times I memorized a lot of their lines!  And ohhhh, remember this line?  “When love feels like magic, you call it destiny. When destiny has a sense of humor, you call it Serendipity.” *sigh*

Back to Jorgendipity!  As I read through posts after posts, I started at her first blog post by the way, I can't help but be reminded of the time I was in love!  I didn't write a blog post then but I have my diary tuck safely inside my "treasure chest"!

(Click photos to read article)

The One --- when we're in love, we always think of the guy we eye on as the ONE, the final one who we get to walk down the aisle with!  Right?  Wrong?  

Well, when Keith became my seat mate senior high, we hit it off instantly!  We were sharing each others' crush-stories during Chinese class and did I ever thought he's the one?  At that very moment, no!  I just thanked God I found myself a new best friend!  It was just an added bonus that he was indeed... "THE ONE!"

Christine may call Jorgen her Knight in Shining Jersey, but I call Keith my "First Aid" (True story, that's my super childish codename for him!)   Why First Aid?  Well, I was having a dramatic moment with my crush then who doesn't give me the time of the day so when Keith came along, I realized, he healed my heart!  *laughs*  Looking back, I'm embarrassed!  So corny! :P

10 Things Christine Love About Jorgen?  Wow, she is definitely in love as that's the exact 10 things + MORE that I love about Keith!  When we get to be in love, we always try to write a list of the things we love about the person, but as years passed by, you also get to know the person better and a list of things we don't like about the person will surely surface!  As for me, true love means accepting the person for who he/she is, the list of pros and cons may go on and on but you'll realize that you'll lose track in counting and just enjoy the moment of spending time with the ONE you love! 

Have you read Christine's posts on
Which post can you absolutely relate to?

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  1. awww so nice naman ,eheheheh thanks for researching

  2. thanks for being chismosa, na-uupdate kami, hihihi.... :) love your post, you're so sweet kay Mr. AMW! :)


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