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Shiseido Maquillage True Cheek Review

Aside from lipstick, one of the most needed retouch for me is blush!  Have you tried patting on your favorite face powder inside the powder room and see how pale your reflection gets?  It happens to me a lot of times and I seldom have a blush with me as I'm afraid I could break a perfectly looking blush palette with my constant "bag-dropping" skills!  

Recently, I was able to acquire 2 new blushes from Shiseido Maquillage line and the packaging is heaven-sent as it reminded me so much of my favorite Clinique Quick Blush which isn't available locally!  (Smile and click HERE for previous post).  The post was written more than 3 years ago and I was praying cosmetics companies would come up with this smartly packaged blush for girls on-the-go!  Glad my prayers are answered!

The Shiseido Maquillage True Cheek is part of the Summer/Spring 2013 collection and thankfully, I'm not late in posting this!  (I have a knack of posting products that are from last year as I tend to take my time using the product and forgot about the time frame!  So sorry?!? :P)

True Cheeks looks just like a big sister of your regular lipstick! 
PK332 Pink Coral comes with a blush brush

RD321 Red Coral is in refill form

Shiseido says ---
A big brush with a professional integrated design that helps you create skillful gradation effects on your cheeks in one sweep.  Simply twist the dial to control the color and get your ideal finish. Add a glamorous glow and the look of love to your face.

Shades: (Photo taken from Shiseido website)

AMW says ---
  • Quick and easy to use packaging.
  • Easy to take along for touch ups.
  • You can purchase refill which makes it more inexpensive than purchasing the full product.
  • Pigmentation is just right.
  • Has no shimmer but gives a nice glow to overall look.
  • Applies very smoothly.
  • The blush works for all skin types. 
  • Lasts the whole day on my skin and probably more than half a day for people with oily skin.  The product adheres to the skin pretty well.
  • The blush does not enhance pimples or red spots.
  • Only 2 shades available for now.
The Shiseido Maquillage True Cheek is a soft-milled blush that goes on smoothly when applied on skin giving a non-oily glow.

from Shiseido

from AMW
  • PK332 Pink Coral works well on people with light to medium skin tone.
  • RD321 Red Coral works well on people with medium to darker skin tone.  Red Coral is also great for lighter skinned individuals but must apply at the maximum of 2 twists.
  • Best applied after you set you skin with your choice of powder foundation/setting powder.
  • Tote this along with you for midday retouch.
  • The product is meant for personal use, if you plan to use this as a Professional makeup artist, bring your brush cleaner with you to sanitize the brush hairs before using on clients.
  • Wash the brush at least once every 2 weeks (for personal use), make sure brush is COMPLETELY dry before you put it back to the cap.
Will I repurchase?
Yes!  I hope they come up with more shades!

To whom do I recommend this to?
All skin types!  Pink coral would look better on people with light to medium skin tone while Red coral would work for all skin tones even girls with darker skin!

Where to purchase and how much?
At local Shiseido counters for Php2,350.00 (approx $58.75) full size and refill for  Php Like Shiseido Philippines on Facebook for more product updates.  


Once you pop the cap, the brush that comes with the product is said to be made with thick, top class, natural and delicate bristles which I agree as the blush brush definitely feels soft on skin no matter how many swirls I do on my cheeks.

How to put the brush back into the cap? Simply lift up the brush cover as shown on photo below
 and you're ready to go!

Application technique:  
Starting from the apples of my cheeks, I gently swirl the brush going up close to my hairline.

Just like most Japanese makeup brands, the shades are always named with alpha-numeric characters.  I prefer looking at the small strip of color to remind me which shade I'm holding!  PK332 is called Pink Coral.

The blush is nicely compacted inside the end of the cap.  It is very important to twist the brush with the cap on (as shown on tips by Shiseido above).  Always start with less.  The more number of twists you do, the more blush pigmentation you get.

Shiseido Maquillage True Cheek in PK332 Pink Coral applied on cheeks after 2 twists.

Matched with a pink toned lipstick and a sweet-looking headband, I'm ready to face the world looking Young *ahem* and Sweet *double ahem!*

Now let's head on to the refill!  RD321 is Red Coral and I can't seem to see "red" until I applied the powder on cheeks.

The shade reminded me so much of Majolica Majorca's Cream de Cheek in Coral Cream but has a deeper reddish orange tone.

Applied on fair-medium skintone, the effect is more red than orange!  This was applied using 2 twists and the effect looks quite natural and gives a nice "lifting" effect.

Paired with a reddish orange lipstick, I'm ready to look Sophisticated and ready to face the world!  Come on, no judgmental looks!  :P  Just be a nice person and agree with me!  Oki doki?

Have you tried using such a simple yet nifty beauty gadget?
Which shade would you go for?   Pink Coral or Red Coral?

On "down" days, I prefer to go for Red Coral as it warms up the rest of my face especially on days I lack sleep!  On days that I want to look young and sweet, I'd go for Pink Coral!

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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

(Products received for review.  Opinions 100% mine.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)


  1. the red coral looks good on you.. I have pale-light skin but still wanted the red coral over the pink coral

    1. Ohhh red coral would look great on you too I'm sure!

  2. Looks great on you Nikki~^^

  3. What an intriguing product! Love this shade on you, it's very natural. And I hope they come up with more colours too.

    1. Thanks Gio, I agree, more shades would even be better as they look really nice and natural !

  4. Replies
    1. Super! Easy to use and I like taking this along for touchups

  5. I prefer Red coral for me but both shades are gorgeous! blooming ka sis! :)

    1. Blooming and bloated, that's how I feel now! :P


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