Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Nail Art Tutorial: It's A Baby Boy!

Last weekend, Mr. AMW and I had a Pregnancy Shoot at Blow-Up Babies Inc. located at Serendra.  I'll tell you more about my experience doing a pregnancy pictorial once I get the photos!

To prepare for the shoot, I want baby AMW to know how much excited we are to welcome him!  So I've decided to create a nail art design to welcome him!

"It's a Baby Boy!" Nail Art Design

Base Color
Since I only have a few choices of "pregnancy safe" matte colored nail polishes, I picked my favorite Girl Stuff polish in Machiatto, it's a lovely rose brown shade that would work so well on any occasion!  I applied 2 coats of this and let dry.

My fingernails are still short and I don't have much space to really go with complicated designs!  For the pinky fingernail, I've decided to draw the easiest design I could think of!  That is, a baby foot print using my 2 way nail art pen!  Okay, it wasn't exactly a perfect footprint as I can only fit 4 toes there!  But I'm sure whoever sees this design can guess what it is right away!

Toy Rattle
 One of the few baby toys that I can think of that was present during "my time" *laughs* is a toy rattle!  It's safe, inexpensive, and nothing too fancy!  To create a simple toy rattle design, I picked my nail art dotting tool and a bright green polish shade from Girl Stuff called Avo Loco.  I drew a large circle as shown on photo below and drag a thin line and draw a smaller circle for the handle.


As soon as the green polish is COMPLETELY dry, I picked my L.A. Art Deco Nail Art Lacquer in yellow and drew a line in between the large circle in which I fondly call the "equator".  

With a smaller nail art dotting tool, dot yellow dots on top and below the line and because I'm lazy to pick an art brush, I've decided to use the same dotting tool to draw a ribbon.


Baby Bottle
Another cute design to celebrate baby's arrival is to draw a baby bottle!  With a white 2 Way Nail Art Pen, I drew the shape of a baby bottle!  You can always start by drawing an outline then filling the rest of the color in.

Once the white baby bottle is completely dry, I picked a nail art dotting tool and a random blue colored polish and draw a line in between the bottle and nipple.

For a precise line, I picked my L.A. Colors Art Deco Nail Lacquer in Black and drew lines to show "measurement".


One of the many baby clothing items that both Mr. AMW and I love are onesies!  We find them super cute and we bought quite a number of them in different designs and we can't wait for our little angel to wear them!  And because of that, with the same 2 Way Nail Art Pen in White, I drew an outline of a cute short sleeves onesie.


For a nice contrast, I used Girl Stuff polish in Blues and outlined the collar, the sleeves and the "bikini" area.  

Baby Push Cart
Now that I'm left with both thumbnails, I'm looking forward for a bigger nail art design that I can fit and one thing came in mind!  A baby push cart!  It's not as hard as it looks!  I was a bit intimidated to draw one at first but with the following steps, you'll get a simple, yet nice push cart ready for baby!

With the same 2 Way Nail Art Pen in White, draw a shape as shown on photo below.


Using Elianto Polish in  Turquoise, I used an art brush to create the "hood" of the baby push cart, a dotting tool for the wheels and handle.

Once the Turquoise polish is completely dry, I dot a white dot on top of the turquoise polish for a better looking wheels!

"It's A Boy!"
 Instead of doing 2 baby push carts on both thumbnails, I got a bit too lazy to do the same thing on the other finger so I've decided to write a simple "It's A Boy!" message! 

To fill up the empty spaces, this step is optional by the way, I picked a nice glitter polish and randomly dot the blank areas.

We're excited to meet you baby AMW!

If you plan to recreate this look and find this too complicated, feel free to pick one item and draw it on all 10 fingers!  You don't have to make things complicated the way I did!  Again, I'm just a sucker for back pain! :P

Which is your favorite baby item?
Mine would be Onesies!

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  1. Awwwww! very cute tutorial!

    <3 from: www.thedocndiva.com

    1. Thanks for appreciating my simple nail art design :D

  2. wow congrats ms nikki =) hope sa next baby namin boy na =)

  3. I love onesies too! They are really cute and babies look adorable in them! can't wait to see your photos for the shoot! btw, love your nail art too :)

    1. Thanks sis!!!! I know, I can't imagine any baby NOT looking good in onesies! :D

  4. awwww so cuteee!!! can't wait to see baby AMW :D

  5. Hehe~ It's very cute! Such original nail art~

    1. Thanks dear for always appreciating my nail art though it is quite amateurish as compared to yours :D

  6. Awww congratulations! And this nail art is so cute and original!

  7. hello. i just wanted to ask if u get stained yellow nails too after too much nail polishing? If so what do u do to eliminate/reduce the staining? thanks! :)

    1. Yes Ivy, but that was before I used a good base coat. I used Seche Vite and so far, it prevents my nails from yellowing, but of course I stopped using that when I got pregnant so I'm only using nail polishes that are free from BIG 3!

  8. congrats po!, mine is boy too going to 6 months..request po more blogs po bout baby, hehe.. thank you!

    1. wow, congrats! I hope your pregnancy is going smoothly! I'll try to blog more about babies, I'm no expert, first time mommy here! But thanks for the request!


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