Saturday, March 30, 2013

AMW Wears: FLY Summer Collection 2013

Remember my first set of Fly Shades which I got early this year? (Read post HERE).  Well, after receiving such wonderful set of shades, I actually visited their stall and bought a couple more as Christmas gifts for friends!  I have to be honest, I scoured the stall and nearly got all the designs I want and I have never thought they will come up with more designs in just a couple of months after!

Introducing, FLY's Summer Collection for 2013!  

Summer shades #1

Very classy! I love the old-rose gold frame that goes so well with any outfit!  Oh, all my gold-colored FLY shades never rust on me!  All you have to do is to wipe it before you put it in a case or glass drawer!


 Summer shades #1

Gradiation of yellow and brown gives a wonderful impact to this classy looking sunglasses!  I love pairing this with a simple dress!

Summer shades #3

Reflecting Aviator glasses in white!  I call this my "hip" Aviator and I enjoy paring this during hot summer months with my pair of trustee maternity shorts and sleeveless top!  All I need to do is lounge in a yacht and I call that....."feeling like a model" look! :P

Summer shades #4

A geek-on-vacation!  That's how I call this glass as this works perfectly if you want to look smart yet will still be able to protect your eyes from the harsh rays of the sun!  Paired with your favorite floral/polka-dotted top, you can be back to the 70's or you can pair this with a simple shirt and jeans!

Summer glass #5 

A cool geek!  I used to wear glasses when I was younger for astigmatism but I never thought of wearing any of these glasses for fashion!  Now, I might! :)

AMW wears CAT
photo taken from Instagram (AskMeWhats)
I was actually tired from a very busy day and this pair hid my dark undereye circles during nighttime!  *winks*

AMW wears Van
I visited my mom and was too lazy to wear any makeup so I just tied my hair up and wore a trustee Aviator shades!  So far, so good!  It's nice to let my skin breathe once in awhile as I enjoy my favorite snack! 

AMW wears Laguna
On very sunny day, this works for me as the shades' tint is a bit darker than the rest I own in this collection.  It gives my eyes the protection I need without much squinting and this photo was taken during a lovely drinking session at Dakasi Milk Tea! :D

**The price of Fly Shades ranges around Php250.00-400.00.  Please LIKE Fly Shades on Facebook to get updated on their newest collection!

Which among the FLY Summer Collection suits your face frame?  

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(Product received for PR purpose.  Opinions 100% mine.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)

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