Sunday, March 31, 2013

Weekend Food Trip at: Bubble Tea Restaurant, Wilson Street (For my Surprise Baby Shower)

The first time I dined in at Bubble Tea Restaurant was at their Tomas Morato branch with my bestfriend.  I remembered having a great food experience but forgot to bring Mr. AMW back because there were just so many restaurants popping around the Metro!

Little did I know that the day where we were supposed to meet up with my ex-colleagues was my Baby Shower Surprise as prepared by my best friend together with my high school friends!

Seriously, Mr. AMW is good at keeping secrets! I'll tell you more about the shower later on but let's talk about the food!

Php175.00 (approx $4.37)
Grilled octopus-filled balls made of pancake batter,
 topped with mayonnaise, katsuobushi and sweet soy sauce.
For its price and quality, this appetizer is a MUST try!  The soft, chewy octopus bits give a nice texture to the soft pancake batter!  Love at first bite indeed for me and Mr. AMW!

Chicken Tori Fry
Php95.00 (approx $2.38)
 I know I shouldn't!  But it's my Baby Shower party and the crispy and crunchy sound of each bite by my friends beside me left me weak!  I gave in to a piece and scratch and itch later on!  It was worth it though as the chicken strips are fried to crisp yet the chicken inside are soft and tender!  With mayonnaise or their specialty sauce?  Both works well!

Since it was that day I stuffed myself with Dakasi Milk Teas before heading to Bubble Tea Restaurant, we've decided  to skip on their famous Milk Teas for that night as I have reached the caffeine limit!  *laughs*

We both went for Korean Sizzlers!  They use certified Angus Beef for all Korean Sizzler dishes!

Korean Bibimbap
Php300.00+ (approx $7.50+)
Though this is a fusion restaurant, I am quite impressed with their version of Korean Bibimbap!  Right spiciness, right amount of vegetables and beef!  The beef were really tasty and tender and I must say, a unique Bibimbap from most Korean Bibimbap dishes I've tried.

Beef Bulgogi
Php300.00+ (approx $7.50+)
Another must-try dish!  I love how tender, juicy and flavorful the beef strips were and the added cucumber gives a nice refreshing and cooling sensation to the spicy dish!

Overall, I had a wonderful experience dining at Bubble Tea Restaurant on both Tomas Morato and this time, Wilson Street branch!  The staffs are knowledgeable and very helpful!  Their price range is not bad considering the quality and quantity of food you get!

Bubble Tea Restaurant Branches
  • SM North Edsa
  • SM Megamall
  • Tomas Morato 
  • Wilson St. Greenhills
  • Fort Bonifacio
  • Subic
And here are some fun photos from the night's Baby Shower!

A cute guessing game on the exact day of Baby AMW's arrival!

 Fun guessing game to be done by none other than Mr. and Mrs. AMW!

Okay, I do remember why I'm touching my belly like that!  I think I was making sure Mr. AMW guessed the word FETUS!  *laughs*  He didn't guessed that word!

Nevertheless, Mr. AMW didn't get to guess all the words but we still managed to win a lovely tray of cupcakes!  

It was indeed a wonderful surprise party and I am very thankful for my friends who kept me sane from all my "going to motherhood" issues!  I love how God kept me sane by bringing in friends who are 100% behind me all throughout this journey!

Have a lovely Sunday!

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  1. There's no Bubble Tea near my place :( But whenever I go north, I'll make sure to try it.

    How sweet of your friends to do a surprise baby shower :)

    1. Same here, not one near my place but would definitely go back! Food was great even after several years and they have more choices. I agree, I have wonderful friends, thank you :D

  2. Have a safe delivery Nikki! You're going to be a mom real soon :)


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