Friday, March 29, 2013

Something New: L'Oreal Paris Hair Expertise + Choose my Next Hair Color

Not another hair care products you say?  Well, not for me!  I've always been very keen to look out for better hair products as my hair tends to be the most "sacrificed" part of my body just to look human on a daily basis!

Thanks to my pregnancy my hair was able to breathe from hair coloring for almost a year now!  But of course, knowing me...I'll definitely get back to coloring my hair once I give birth!  Believe me when I say I have hair color pegs all lined up! :P

And because of that, I have several shampoos, conditioners and hair masques, well, lined up too as I get ready to murder my hair strands again! :P

I have my Kerastase Chroma Captive all ready to keep my hair color stay longer and there's a new product line called L'Oreal Paris Hair Expertise!

Thanks to our friends from L'Oreal Philippines, I was sent their EverStrong line!  This line is perfect for people who are into blow-drying (me), hair ironing (me!) and hair styling (and me!).  This line helps your hair outstand the heat of over-ironing and over-styling which makes me feel like my hair has a nice "invisible" protection each time I style it!

Ever Strong Hydrate Shampoo Php449.00 (approx $11.22)
Ever Strong Deep Hydrate Php549.00 (approx $13.73)
Ever Strong Hydrate Conditioner Php449.00 (approx $11.22)

Just in case, here are some facts about sulfates and why 100% sulfate free hair care is good for you!

"Sulfates or commonly known as "surfactants" are shampoos' main ingredients and are responsible for the foaming and detergent properties.  While these are widely used for their foaming and cleansing properties, they are also well known to have a level of harshness to the sensitive skin and hair, specifically stripping off the lipids from the hair surface and its keratin proteins. " --- taken from L'Oreal Paris

Just to show you how important it is to use sulfate-free hair products especially if your hair has been heavily sensitized, check out my Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment by Straight & Smooth Salon almost 3 years ago and I went home with a set of Sulfate-free hair products!  I was told either I use them or not go through the process of Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment at all!

I am happy that the L'Oreal Paris Hair Expertise Ever Pure and Ever Strong lines are both affordable as compared to other brands so I'm looking forward to use these and review these products!  As soon as I'm done with my Kerastase Chroma Captive line, I will definitely try out their Ever Pure line for my color-treated hair! 

**L'Oreal Paris Hair Expertise EVER is now available in the Philippines and is exclusively sold in Watsons.

Speaking of color, which hair color do you think I should go for after I give birth?  Please don't expect me to look as cute as them!  Just the hair color okay? :P

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  1. It sounds like a very good hair product set!
    Hope you feel good! How many weeks left?

    1. I have hmm..3-4 weeks left! But I'm technically on my 36th week this week :D

  2. I like #3! Of course you won't be as cute as them... you'll be MUCH cuter!! Your smile brightens anybody's day! ;)

    I'm curious about this no-sulphates range. Been seeing it around for quite sometime already but have not gotten around to try it out. Waiting for your review! :D

    1. Awww Jenn, thank you! You are soooo cute in terms of LOVING ME and sending me CYBER Love! :)

      Sure, will definitely review this, I'm so excited to use this range!

  3. I already had bought a shampoo and conditioner from this new line. What I got was the EverStrong shampoo and EverPure conditioner. I should be getting the EverPure shampoo since my hair is color-treated but sadly it was not available that time. Nevertheless, I am loving them both!! My hair is much much healthier now. :) Thanks to L'Oreal!


    1. Glad to know the range works for you, you're making me more excited to try mine!

  4. I think the 1st one would look good on you

    1. Talaga? naku, na eexcite na akong magpakulay! :) thanks for helping me pick!

  5. Number 3 will look good on you Nikki. Malapit ka na pala manganak, congrats in advance ha. Take care always and enjoy your remaining days habang wala pa si baby. I'm not saying na hindi masaya ang may baby pero iba na talaga pag may baby. I can't explain the happiness I felt na meron kaba and everything. Ibang-iba talaga lalo na sa time management. Basta be happy!

    1. Thank you so much Kath! I will definitely show Number 3 to the hairdresser once I'm ready with the color! :)

      Yup, I know the changes having a baby would make and I'm ready na talaga :) h ahahaha thanks for the well wishes and thanks for the sweet message Kath :D

  6. Replies
    1. Hi Annabelle, try checking out in salons! :)

  7. is this product available in davao??

  8. Is this new line available in Egypt or the gulf countries?


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