Thursday, March 21, 2013

This is How I Do It: A Super Quick Pop of Color

Colored liners have been around for many years!  It's one of my favorite makeup tricks to look "made up" even though you only spent a minute or 2 in front of the mirror!

As years passed by, different runway shows have showcased various colored liners for impact.  Now, more and more makeup companies are putting our favorite colors up to their pedestal to show that COLORS ROCK!

Some colored liner looks I love....

 **photo grabbed from

 **photo grabbed from source

Today, I will be sharing a very quick and super easy "out of the runway" colored liner look that takes only a minute or less!  This post is dedicated to girls who aren't comfortable using colored eye shadow and wants to add some colors to their daily makeup routine!  Girls, girls girls..this is where we start! :)

In this tutorial, I am too lazy to pick 2 types of product so I ended up with Estee Lauder Pure Color Intense Kajal Eyeliner Duo in Black and Blue.  I'm sure not everyone owns this nifty product so feel free to pick your favorite black and colored liners!

Let's start with the black liner, the Estee Lauder Pure Color is a Kajal Liner so this is a super soft and pigmented liner that smudges easily so it is very important to use your favorite oil-control eye primer prior to liner application.  As for me, I used my trustee Urban Decay Primer Potion before proceeding to next step.

Using a hand held mirror, I prefer to look down and gently go through the black liner closest to the last line using small, short strokes.  

To some, it is easier to pull your lid upward (gently please!) and fill in excess spaces!  Some would tightline but I prefer to skip the tightlining step as my eyes get a bit sensitive and with our tropical weather, tightlining is a top candidate for smudging and panda eyes!

As soon as you're happy with the upper line, pick your choice of colored liner!  You can opt for Green, yellow, blue or even purple!  As for me, greens work so well for most people with yellow undertone and purple would go well for people with medium to darker skin tone!  Keep in mind that there are no strict rules on which color works best for which skin tone!  Be creative and adventurous!

This is the first baby blue eyeliner color I own as most of my blue colored liners are metallic blues or dark blues!  This color reminded me so much of my favorite crayon! :)

Line the Blue liner on top of the black liner to lessen the harsh line and with short, gentle strokes, smudge both liners close together so you don't get to see 2 separate lines.

Some may prefer to wing the outer corner but I prefer to keep it low-key.  As for the lower lash line, I leave it clean to prevent further smudging!  If you want to go further, feel free to use the blue liner and apply it on your lower lash line.

Okay, I guess I was smiling too much so the blue liner disappeared a bit, but I promise you, if I'm not smiling, the blue liner shows so well Mr. AMW complimented how cute I look!  (Of course, compliment your wife!  Number 1 rule to a blissful marriage! :P)

Have you tried picking a colored liner and leave the rest of your face clean and simple?
I always get compliments when I do this trick and I hope you guys give it a try! Do let me know what color you're aiming for!

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  1. I love to use a bright eyeliner to add a pop of colour to my look when I don't have much time to do my makeup. This shade looks great on you!

    1. Thanks Gio! :) I agree, I don't have time to do my makeup too as I'm always on a rush (i'd rather sleep more) hehehe. This is a great way to look "decent" and prepared!

  2. I wish I could do this awesome trick too :P On you it looks very nice and spring inspired :)

    1. I'm sure you can Anastacia, probably line should be thicker? :) I've seen your amazingly liner skills! :D

  3. great post! I love this pop of color!

    1. Thanks! Would you go for a pop of color when using eyeliner?

  4. unique color of eyeliner =) ang cute pala..

  5. i love the color! it is so pretty, i think i would like to try a puprple eyeliner :)

    1. ay sis, bongga ang purple sayo! I can imagine!

  6. Hi Nikki! Am an avid fan and follower of ur blog :) just wanted to say that because of this post of yours, nainspire tuloy ako to try colored eye pencils! 3/4 of the time kasi, I'm so lazy with eyeshadows... Colored pencils make eyecolor application a breeze - not to mention how it gives you a different look each time without the hassle! I bought a lot of colored eye pencils from nichido, practice lang muna, and i'm enjoying putting it on! Thanks for the inspiration! ;) and yes, baby blue suits you! ;)


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