Wednesday, April 3, 2013

AMW Reports: Blow-Up Belly Shoot

Happy Mid-week AMW friends! 
Wow, time flew by pretty quickly for me now!  I used to dread each day because of my "lack of sleep", difficulty in finding the right position during sleep and in between pee-ing in wee hours of the night!  Ahh..the joys of  pregnancy!  I'm not scaring you single girls out there but these are some of the experiences (I'm sure most moms would agree) I won't forget for the rest of my life!

Today's post will be a bit personal for me!  Before I got pregnant, I told Mr. AMW how I would like to embrace the digital age and document my pregnancy as much as I can!  Why?  Well, since I'm the youngest in the family, my mom doesn't have a pregnant photo carrying me!  (Truthfully, it wasn't a trend then to be photographed while pregnant!) Oh!  The old age!

Surprisingly, with the daily busy schedule, I wasn't able to really look into photography studio for pregnancy shoot!  I was almost in daze when I realized I'm down to my last trimester and I haven't really fixed my hospital bag yet!  As panic struck me, I got an invite to be photographed by Blow-Up Babies at Serendra!  It was an invitation I can't resist, but....the sudden bloating, pain at the back and listlessness, nearly stopped me from doing this shoot!

I only had a week or less to prepare!  As I was browsing through their Facebook page and read this ----

"We started it. And now everyone is doing it. But no one does it like we do. We won’t be cheesy about it either. A "soon-to-be mama" can be totally hot on camera! So if you’re keen on capturing the belly on camera, stop by Blow-up babies. You’ll see that we can make it a comfortable and totally cool experience for you!"

"Totally Hot On Camera?"  COME ON!  I nearly fell off my chair and cancelled my appointment!  No matter how confident a woman can be, pregnancy hormones can bring you down I tell ya!  *laughs*  

Thankfully, Blow-Up Studio's Photographer for the day Ms. Tabitha emailed me a couple of days before the shoot to let me know some of the things I need to bring for the photoshoot.  The super kind and supportive Mr. AMW helped me pack my clothes (mostly Bandeaus) and all I need to do that day is to feel good and prettify myself! 

The reception area is bright and cheer-y.  The "Grinch" in me was gone in an instant as I comfortably relax and wait for the studio set-up!  

By the way, it was an early morning shoot so I've decided to drag that lazy bum, bloated fingers and feet of mine and prettify myself --- yes, both hair and makeup!

Blow-Up Studio has 2 studios.  One studio is for their baby shoots with loads of backdrops, costumes, props etc...!  


I can't wait for Baby AMW to have his first pictorial here!

Some of the sample baby photos I've grabbed from their Facebook page in which I'm excited for Baby AMW to try!  

Okay, back to me!  *laughs*  I was ushered to the next studio.  The studio has its own door and dressing area so I'm quite comfortable here!

Let's talk about showing off my belly!  To be honest, even before pregnancy, I'm not comfortable showing my tummy because....I guess I just grew up in a no-showing of belly (a.k.a. conservative) family!  Thankfully, I felt at ease right away with Tabitha and I was able to do some serious shots I normally can't do! 

Photo taken with me holding an ultrasound photo of Baby AMW

The studio also have some drapes of cloth for me to feel like a "pregnant Goddess" for the day! :P  Tabitha was also kind enough to help me fix my "costume".

Okay, obviously, I'm starting to have fun and feel super comfortable!

We do have some couple shots in which I will show you guys once I get the original copies!  While Mr. AMW waits, Baby AMW's socks has its own photoshoot!  *laughs*

This, is definitely more photogenic than me! :D

After the shoot, hubby and I have decided to pick 2 photos to be printed out to be displayed in our room!  Because I'm too lazy to go back to Serendra, they also offer delivery service with soft copies of all our photos for the day!  

AMW and Tabitha (Photographer)
Thanks for making this shoot fun, comfortable and unforgettable!

Check out some Blow-Up Bellies Shoot done by Blow-Up Studio by smiling and clicking HERE.

Blow-Up Babies, Inc.
2nd Floor Shops at Serendra,
Bonifacio Global City 1634 Taguig
Tel. nos: (632)909-7998 / (632)909-7999

Once the official copies arrive, I'll definitely share them to you! :)
Would you go for pregnancy shoot? 
If you're a mom, have you gone through pregnancy shoots?  How does it feel for you?   

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Stay happy!



  1. I think it has something to do with the pamahiin na bawal magpa-picture pag preggy. I heard that a lot when my barkadas and I were pregnant. Nowadays di na masyado. :)

    1. ay! bakit di ko alam yon???? mom told me naman na it wasn't a big deal kasi when she got pregnant! well it was a huge deal when it was my Eldest Brother, pero nung time ko..haha sawa na lahat ng tao! :D

  2. Hi AMW! I'm on my third trimester too! I really love reading your blog post! I'm a fan!!

    I have some pregnancy list compiled in my blog. (Such as hospital lists etc) Hope you find them helpful too!!!

    God bless! :)

    1. Hi Tina, congratulations! mukhang sabay pa tayong manganganak! When's your due date? :)
      Thanks for sharing, I'll have a look! :D

  3. oh, you look gorgeous sis! dyosang dyosa ang dating :) But for me, I won't go for a pregnancy shoot just because I am not confident enough, hihi... I love the photos of the babies too! My son has a photo inside the shoe when he was still a baby :) Can't wait to see more photos from your shoot

    1. Issa!!! hahahah naloka ako sayo! not confident enough? Eh ako din naman! it's for the sake of experience na din siguro and fun! :) But true, even without pregnancy shoot, I'll definitely go for baby shoot! Dapat meron niyan!!! I'd love to see the photos of your son??? Alam mo naman email addy ko! :P

  4. Aww sooo cute... Still looking radiant and lovely as ever! I'm 6mos preggy now (it's a boy), I wanted to have shots taken but I already have a nasty cut on my belly since my first born was delivered through CS.

    Those baby socks looks totally adorable! Will definitely hunt something similar to that...hehehe
    Random Beauty by Hollie

    1. Sis Hollie! I also have a cut from my Appendectomy but its way below the belly kaya di obvious! I believe you can request the studio to remove the scar naman! :D

  5. I'm only 3mos pregnant, I wanted to have a pregnancy shoot also. But need to wait for a few more months to do it. I'll definitely check out this studio. Thanks!


    1. Elgee, yup 3 months is still too early, probably go for it during your 7th month! This one kasi i'm nearing 9th month kaya I don't feel as confident or comfortable!

  6. Awwww super nice, Nikki!!! As years go by, I'm sure it's nice to look and bring back the happy memories of being preggy through these photos!

    I got even more excited to see baby AMW!!!! Hehehe!!! :) I wanna see you na!!! :))

    1. Naku Angela! Sinabi mo! may video pa dapat akong nag momorning sickness to show to my son how difficult it was to have him para ma appreciate niya ako! hahahah JOKE! :)

      I can't wait to see you too and so many chikkas!!!!!

  7. Nikki my sis is 7 mos preggy and horrific ang stretch marks nia eeewww! How did u manage to kip ur belly smooth

    1. Sis, I want to say it's the oil that I'm using but some says it goes with the genes din daw! Pero for me, I didn't leave it to genes, I made sure to use those oils for the belly morning and evening! It works and I don't scratch as much!

  8. Aweeee! What a sweet photoshoot! You looks amazing Nikki!

  9. Eonni!!! You are stunning! Can''t wait to see the photos!!! ^__^

    1. Thank you so much Angel dear! :) I'll show photos soon! I got them na :D

  10. jocelynlindy
    Hi niks just had mine last saturday. Im not as confident as the outcome coz i was perspiring half the time. And same as you, I dont feel as confident infront of the cam:) crossing my fingers hopefully i got some good shots too. You look stunning on urs though:) when are u due?!?

    1. yay! can't wait to see your photos! i'm sure it'll come out really good! Where did you have your shoot? I'm on my 36th week na itong week going 37th! So somewhere near 3rd week of April (kung on time) and around end of April or early May kung matigas ang ulo niya! hahahah :) Ikaw?


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