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AskMeMom: Newborn Must-Haves

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Today, I'm very excited to share my first "legit" post on AskMeMom.  Legit for a month plus to be exact!  *hehehe*  I know it's too early to post about newborn must-haves but I can't wait to write about it especially knowing I have a couple of pregnant readers and I want to make sure first-time moms like me won't get the shock of their lives!  Well, I've been exaggerating about the "shock" but I'm glad there are some things in life that helps Baby AMW go through his journey in this super MEAN world!  *laughs*

Of course, you guys know the basic, the clothing, the bottles, etc.... here's just an added "small list" from the super long list of baby essentials as no one told me about this until Kyle came out!  So I'm telling you to arm yourselves with these products or similar ones!

Mustela Bebe Pack
Thanks to Sample Room for sending these to me on my birthday!  I originally kept these just because they were so cute (in size) but let me tell you why these are turning out to be my essentials and I'm definitely repurchasing for full sized bottles!

Ready for review?

Mustela PhysiObebe No-Rinse Cleansing Fluid
Cleansing water with high skin and eye tolerance that's meat for face or diaper area.  Since newborns pee and poo like there's no tomorrow, we do at least 6-8 times diaper change for the first month and to be honest, we're quite "OC" when it comes to baby's poor bum.  Using warm water and cotton in wiping off excess poo isn't enough for us so having a no-rinse cleansing fluid around is heaven sent!  I can definitely see dirt coming off even after washing baby with water!

This product is also great to wipe off excess milk on baby's face as it tends to stain on baby's cheeks and chin!  2-in-1 super useful product, who can say no to this?

Mustela Dermo-Cleansing
This is to be used for newborns and babies from birth on.  This is a soap-free and physiological pH cleansing gel that helps cleanse the hair and body.  So far, Baby AMW's skin is doing well with this product and I don't see any signs of allergic reactions!  The added factor of this product is that it doesn't dry out the skin of my baby!

Mustela Hydra BeBe Body Lotion
This product is applied to the body after drying baby after bath.  As for me, I've hold off using this product as Dermo-Cleansing is enough for my baby's skin and I try not to put too much product for baby as of this early stage!  But this product is definitely a back up plan for any possible dry flakes I see on baby's skin in the future.

Alternatively... for those on a budget, you can go for..

Nivea Baby Soothing Avena Soap

and Nivea Baby Lovingly Caring Oil after bath.

Both products work really well and I have heard great reviews from fellow mommy friends!

Manzanilla (can be bought at Mercury drugstores)
One of the many things I'm not ready about newborns are the constant crying due to "colic".  Crying caused by hunger, diaper change is expected but "colic" is definitely one enemy a newbie moms should watch out for!  As a first time mom, I kept on feeding baby on each cry and good thing friends told me about colic and now, my life is easier as I understand Baby's cry!

Manzanilla is consist of Chamomile Oil and Citronella Oil and is best massaged on baby's tummy, legs, hands, feet and head.  With some "imaginary bicycle" and leg exercise, baby lets off gas easily which makes him feel better!  Of course, don't forget the constant burping after EVERY feeding!

BabyFlo Baby Buds
The baby buds are so important I can't believe I just thought of them as a makeup tool!  *laughs*  Thanks to Babyflo for sending Baby AMW loads of baby products but I got super excited with the Baby Buds as these help in removing dirt from baby's nose and trust me, it doesn't work to use the regular sized cotton buds for newborns and you can take me to Bantay Bata 163 for trying to use regular buds on my baby!  *shhhh* he doesn't know that but I tried it once! :P

BabyFlo Baby Wipes
I've finished packs of Nivea Soft and Cream baby wipes and I'm giving the Babyflo Baby Wipes a try!  Personally speaking, these wipes are great especially on travel (when you have to take your newborn to the Pediatrician and he needs to have his diaper changed in public). At home, I highly recommend to finish up wiping off baby's bum with a cotton bud and lukewarm water!

Thanks BabyFlo (PhilUSA) for sending these to me, I'm looking forward to give the rest of the products a test!

I know the list could go on forever but these are on top of my head and I hope this helps newbie moms (like me) out there!  Thanks to these products Baby AMW can have a goodnight sleep!

What are other baby essentials you wished you knew from the start?
The comment section is open as I'm looking forward to learn more from moms out there!

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing your list, I heard wonderful things about Mustella and need to check their product line out! What do you recommend for yourself as a new mom, do you use a nipple cream?

    1. Lulu, I heard so much about Mustela too but only believed how great they are when I gave them a try! :) For nipple cream, well I gave it a skip as I did my best sucking the pain! But if given the chance, I'll use them, try Mustela and Pigeon has them too!

  2. im using mustela goodies ive got from ms ro's giveaway =) the cologne, cleansing and hydra-stick and im loving them =)

    i also use babyflo buds, baby oil - the pink one (smells divine) for my baby =)

    1. Nice to know you love them as much as I do! I have yet to try the baby oil of Babyflo! seems promising!

  3. Nice tip for soon to be moms like me... I would love to to have these for my baby soon! :) Thanks!

    1. Thanks, and goodluck! i hope you get to be a mom sooN! and I'm sure you'll really do research for you and your baby!

  4. awwww, that photo of AMW is soooo cute!

    1. :) priceless yawn moment! ang sarap tumingin ng baby!

  5. super cute ng baby mo sis! >^.^<

  6. Definitely bookmarked this, Eonni!!! ^__^

    Awww... kelan ko ba mami-meet si Baby Kyle? ^__^

    1. I know..tayo nga di pa nagmemeet, baka maunahan mo pa i meet si Baby Kyle! hahah :D


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