Thursday, May 23, 2013

Salon Report: Hair Cut and Aroma Hair Therapy at Azta Urban Salon

Happy Thursday everyone!  Time for Salon Report and I'm so happy to announce that I finally had a tiny "me" time after pregnancy!  To be honest, it was a difficult decision to leave home since I'm very attached with Baby AMW as I've been with him 24/7!  It was a difficult decision but I'm glad I made it to the haircut and hair treatment as my poor hair deserves the TLC!  Motherhood is definitely not a simple task, sometimes, I just want to walk in jacuzzi tub (I wish!) 

A couple of years ago, I had Hair Coloring and Gloss Treatment done at Azta Urban Salon (read post HERE), SM San Lazaro branch and so far, the experience was great so it wasn't a difficult decision to go back to this place!  

The salon was packed with clients when I arrived so I had to wait a couple of minutes for my turn.  The staffs were really helpful and accommodating and I didn't mind the wait as I get to see what services other customers availed!  The girl beside me had a gorgeous OMBRE hair treatment in purplish red and I wish I can do the same on mine but I have to put hair coloring on hold as I'm breastfeeding Baby AMW!  It's nice to know that the salon strongly suggest me to ask my Doctor regarding hair coloring while nursing to keep baby safe!

I opted for Aromatherapy for my super dry and lifeless hair and a simple hair cut as I still prefer to tie my hair in ponytail when I'm with baby Kyle!  

The in thing on hair shampooing?  I used to call this "dry shampooing" back in China.  Dianne applied shampoo on my hair and lather it while seated comfortably on my chair. Then I was asked to proceed to the rinsing area to wash my hair.

The blue stuff is the treatment used for Aroma Hair Therapy.  The said treatment is said to be the safest for nursing moms according to their Creative Director and this service is done for treating continuous hair fall and hair breakage.

My hair was sectioned and the treatment was brushed through each strand at the same time was massaged by Dianne.

You can actually see how relaxed I was with the lovely head massage.  My hair was wrapped and treatment time was around 20 minutes, best time to surf the internet (they offer free WIFI) or browse through magazines.

Harmon, my stylist for the day, gave me a haircut removing 2 inches of dry ends!

Hair feels definitely softer and smoother after the treatment and the hair cut was just right for me to be able to style it as usual!  

Overall, I had a great experience with Azta Urban Salon, SM San Lazaro Branch and I will definitely go back!  

Aroma Hair Therapy - Php500.00 (short) Php600.00 (medium) Php700.00 (long)
Hair cut - ranging Php200.00-Php450.00

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Thanks Maita for inviting me to visit the salon again!  

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  1. looks like you enjoyed your "me" time! looking good sis! hope to bump into you someday at SM San Lazaro! :)

    1. oo nga sis, hopefully soon! We haven't seen each other for almost 2 years na no?

  2. You look great! :D Definitely try this salon sometime!

  3. Sounds like you had a lovely time! You look great!

    1. Thanks Gio, indeed I had a lovely time but I missed my baby sooo much!!!


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