Friday, June 14, 2013

AMW Reports: Beauty Can't Wait! White Now, Why Later?

Happy Friday AMW friends!  Yesterday, yours truly was quite busy attending events (finally) and it felt new and exciting once again to know what's happening in the beauty world!

I was invited to get to know the newest Close Up White Now endorser, before I tell you who she is, let me tell you about my experience using Close Up White Now --- I have finished tubes after tubes of the said toothpaste and indeed, it does give me a quick fix on whitening my teeth!  I can't say anything about the long term effect as of the moment as I switched back to regular toothpaste when I got pregnant.  Now, with all the events and meetings and makeup gigs I have to attend, I will definitely use this again for me to show up with a brighter and whiter-looking smile.  I do believe it's really the Blue Foam Technology that covers the yellowish stains on my teeth Just like how my favorite correctors would do on my face!

The event was held at Manila Peninsula Hotel and was hosted by Ms. Sam Oh.  Man, I love her shoes!

After a quick welcome, Celebrity, model, columnist, host, social advocate and editor at large --- was finally introduced.  It was none other than Bianca Gonzales.  Bianca is definitely one busy woman but she still finds the time to stay beautiful while keeping a polished and put together look, according to her: "Beauty Can't Wait" and I share the same sentiments!

 It was a fun afternoon as Bianca shared her quick beauty fixes on-the-go.  Now that I have an additional 24/7 job as a newbie mom on hand, I can't help but take down notes on her beauty fixes.

Bianca's list of beauty fixes ---
  • Bright red lip liner - she prefers this over red lipstick.
  • Bottle of Facial Spray - to keep her skin hydrated and to help cool off on a hot day.
  • Green concealer - best in covering up those red blemishes.
  • Nice Sharp Blazer and Heels - does wonders when switching from a day in the office look, to a post evening meeting at a fancy restaurant.
  • A killer smile - with the help of Close Up White Now.

After a quick roundabout on quick fixes.  Claudia Vega, Close Up Brand Manager also went up the stage to show the power of Blue Foam Technology with a quick demo. 

How? A mixture of coffee, tea and wine was poured into the glass bowl which represents common everyday habits that can stain teeth.  2 teeth models was dipped into the mixture and removed after 10 seconds.  1 teeth model was dipped into the bowl of Blue Foam solution (the exact solution that's present in every Close Up White Now tube).  It was soaked for 10 seconds then removed.  After removing the teeth model from the Blue Foam solution, it was swirled around the bowl of water and pat dry to simulate rinsing of mouth after brushing.  

I wasn't able to take a good photo but I definitely see whiter and brighter teeth model, the one that was dipped with Blue Foam solution!

You can view Bianca's essential quick fixes on CloseUp's Youtube and the CloseUp Website starting June 21, 2013. 

I'm not sure if you have tried Close Up White Now toothpaste, but if you did, kindly share to me your experience!

My current quick fixes ---
  • Sunglasses - thanks to Fly Shades I have loads of them to choose from.
  • Colorful accessories - I just bought a couple from yesterday's quick shopping trip.
  • BB Cream - I can get away without liquid foundation and concealer with this!
  • Bronzer - gives me an instant healthy tan!  It isn't obvious that I locked myself inside the room for 1 month plus.
  • A huge SMILE!
Share me your list please! :D

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  1. I haven't tried this but I think I wanna try it... my quick fixes are powder and a bright lippie :)

    1. ay nice! nakaka good vibes nga ang bright lippie! :D


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