Saturday, June 15, 2013

AMW Reports: I Met the Cute Couple - Jorgen and Christine

It's Saturday!!!  It's going to be a busy day together for mommy, daddy and baby AMW!  Yes, we're going out as a family and I'm quite excited to see Baby AMW explore the world!  *naks!  Exaggeration lang*  

Last Thursday, I was invited to watch the final episode of Christine and Jorgen's love story.  In case you forget, it all started with The Rose Fever wherein I get to experience how sweet Jorgen could be!  (P.S. I was still very pregnant back then).  Then, from all the research, I found a bit of information about Jorgen via .  Then the first kilig episode came when Christine (the accountant) shared a VLOG about how she met "the man who got away" the second time around during her first day of work!  Frankly speaking, I got "bitin" with each episodes and was able to watch all 4!  (Search Jorgendipity on Youtube).

Anyways, the launch was held at Makati Shangri-la Hotel and all 4 videos were shown.  Just when I was expecting for the last episode, Christine came out (fresh na fresh) looking so much like Toni Gonzaga still gushing about Jorgen. 

Then she left and the last episode was shown as we really want to know what happened.  Was it a happy or sad ending?

It was definitely a happy ending!  In between video watching, my discerning eye saw how Christine was applying Jergens lotion while speaking in front of the camera!  AH HA!  She did mentioned her better looking skin gave her the confidence to have a conversation with Jorgen.

At the latter part of the evening, the JORGEN came out from the back door and serenaded Christine right in front of everyone!  So sweet!  Who doesn't like to have her own Jorgen someday? As for me, I've found mine! :D

Jorgen and Christine was interviewed for a couple of minutes and it was fun seeing how young love transpired --- lol I feel like an old woman!

That same night, the lotion brand Christine used was unveiled!  I was right, it's the trustworthy Jergens!  The first lotion brand that I used when I was in highschool was Jergens and I can't forget the lovely almond scent!  My dad even hoarded a couple as gifts during Christmas season!

As you all know, Jergens came up with more variants to choose from, there's the Jergens Daily Moisture and Jergens Overnight Repair (my favorite)!  I can't wait to give these 2 a try!  

A group photo with Christine and Jorgen, the table hopping photo taking felt like a wedding ceremony!  *laughs*  

And of course, I had to be the third party! :P  

I want to thank my friends from M2.0 Communications and Jergens for the invite, I had fun snooping into other people's love story! 

Girls, there are so many ways to do to prepare ourselves in finding Mr. Right!  Some may go for makeup others may go for lotion! 

As for me, I had a boyfriend (Mr. AMW) as early as 17 years old so I really didn't have the chance to really prepare myself!  *lol*  BUT, I remember plucking my eyebrows just so I'll look more mature!  *laughs*  Oh come on, I'm not the only one who did something for that Sweet 16 ready to find a boyfriend stage!  :P

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Thanks, Nikki!

    1. Thanks for inviting me and it was great to see you and Shyla!

  2. i have only watched an episode of jorgendipity once but i think they look really cute together! i didn't realize jergens was behind this.

    1. :) Watch all the episodes! tuloy tuloy, it's so cute!


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