Thursday, June 13, 2013

I Wonder: Who's Your Korean Actor Crush?

With my love for Korean cosmetics especially their BB Creams --- Hello Skin 79 VIP GOLD Beblesh Balm, many Korean cosmetics are using Korean actors as their endorsers and I'm sure a lot of you have picked your own favorite/s!  

As for me, I'm not really into Korean actors or actresses, yes, I enjoy watching their drama series but I am not that addicted to them to really research about them!  Ahem..well, I actually did research about Song Hye Kyo (my girl crush) and Yoo Ah from Sungkyunkwan scandal as I'm addicted to his nose!  *laughs* 

Song Hye Kyo

Yoo Ah In
Wait, there's more!

As you can see, there's only a few of them that I really know!  But let's get back to my first Korean Drama series ever, it's actually All About Eve and I cried bucket of tears for it! 

Then there's so much more that I can't remember but I have a full box of Korean Drama Series DVDs under my bed back home to prove how much I am into these series.  Though I don't remember the real names of those actors and actresses I've watched, it was a bit surprising for me that there is ONE Korean Actor that I actually researched to get to  know his real name even before his Bench ad here in the Philippines.

LEE MIN HO a.k.a. Gu Jyun Pyo

Okay, seriously speaking, during Boys Over Flowers days, I am not impressed with Lee Min Ho that time probably because of his curly hair!  So I am more of Kim Hyun Joong fan back then!

Then I watched Perfect Match then City Hunter, okay, Lee Min Ho is definitely one of the many few Korean actors I think who looks cute!  Okay, I'm just acting like a prim and proper married woman who just gave birth to a cute baby boy!  Seriously....Lee Min Ho is soooo cute!  

I'm sure a lot of you concur, that's why he's been invited to come back for his first-ever concert tour to Manila called "My Everything --- World Tour 2013" on Saturday, July 6 at the Mall of Asia Arena!  Yup!  I got that on my mailbox and I had to share it to you guys who are Lee Min Ho fans!  

This is not a sponsored post by the way, I just had to share this to Lee Min Ho fans out there who needs to save up to watch him live!

Tickets to Lee Min Ho’s “My Everything – World Tour 2013” in Manila are available at all SM Ticket outlets or visit For VIP tickets and more information about the concert, Follow Wilbros Live on Facebook: and Twitter: @WilbrosLive.

I Wonder:
"Who's Your Korean Actor Crush?" 

Share them on comment section and I may take a look at them and share the same crush as you! :P 
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  1. Definitely Lee Min Ho! Loooooveee him :))))

  2. i love song hye kyo too. XD sana magkashow sya ulit. :)
    also, yoon eun-hye and kim woo bin.:)

    1. I agree, but I think medy lie low na si Song Hye Kyo no? Super pretty face!

  3. Replies
    1. ang dami kong kaagaw! LOL! Just joking! Gwapo naman kasi talaga!


  4. Top 3 fave actors/singers: Song Joong Ki, Lee Seung Gi, Won Bin. Top 3 fave actresses/singers: Song Hye Gyo, Bae Suzy, Ha Ji Won.

    And Song Hye Gyo just ended her recent drama, The Winter, The Wind Blows (you might also end up liking her co star Jo In Sung too)

    And its Yoo Ah In btw.

    1. Jo In Sung, I searched....NICE!!!
      thanks for correcting! I know his name only on Sungkyungkwan scandal! :P LOL

  5. i love song hye kyo shes so pretty, the goddess my no. 1 favorite korean actress


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