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BTS: Ladies of Benefit Lane Photoshoot

Happy Monday dear readers! :)
Today, I will be sharing a BTS (Behind The Scenes) of a project I've been excited about!  The Ladies of Benefit Lane Photoshoot!  As you all know, I've been doing quite a number of projects with the brand (Staff workshop and Benefit Fine One One Workshops at Greenbelt, Glorietta and Shangri-La Mall) and I've always enjoyed each and every project with them.  That's why when I was contacted by Benefit Philippines' Marketing Manager Aubrey to do a photoshoot for the 2nd Ladies of Benefit Lane, I immediately said YES and thankfully, the schedule was perfect!  It was a month after I gave birth!

Though I've reviewed a lot of Benefit cosmetics, I still prefer to arm myself with more knowledge about the products, I borrowed a whole traincase of Benefit goodies and studied and played with each of them!  As you know, being a makeup artist, I like to spread my wings and not enclose myself in using only products that I am comfortable with!  In the shoot, I am allowed to use ONLY Benefit products and thankfully, they have complete range of products even for makeup professionals like myself. 

On that day, I happily piled Benefit products in front of me before the models arrive.  Doesn't that look AMAZING? Looking at makeup and colors make me feel so good! Hooray if you feel the same!

That's me being "OC" arranging foundations from lightest to darkest shade.

My first model arrived.  She's an ETC girl Julia Sniegowski.  I have a peg to follow for each model so there I go happily piling on a good base.  Though Julia has lovely freckles that's meant to be shown, it wasn't part of the peg so I had to cover them up using Boi-ing and Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow.

Makeup has to be done a bit thicker than usual for photoshoots.  Of course, let's not forget vavavoom lashes (I just learned Benefit carries false lashes!).  I also picked a lip color that's close to the power visual.

Still pretty even with undone hair.

The shoot was made possible by a team of professionals!  Photographer Roy Macam and styled by celebrity stylist Alyanna Martinez.

Second look with Julia.  I had to change her lipstick color and lessen her blush.

Next comes Stay Flawless model Sam Pinto.

Sam have lovely skin to start with but her major concern is her under eye circles so I concentrated on concealing them with Erase Paste.

Sam loves thick lashes so I actually used 2 sets of false lashes for them to show up better on photographs.  I also used Hoola to enhance her gorgeous tan!  It was a first for me to use Benefit's Lip Gloss in A-Lister and I have a feeling I'll be purchasing one myself as it looks good on girls with tan!

My third and final model for the day was Mika Lagdameo, she's going to be a Rockateur girl!  Rockateur is actually Benefit's newest Box O' Powder, the shade would work so well on most skin tone as you can lightly dust it on a fair skin individual for a warm glow and pile them on a medium to dark skin tone for a healthy tan!

Again, it wasn't at all difficult to create a flawless base for Mika as she's got really healthy and glowing skin to start with!

A fake mole to go with the power visual using Benefit's Liquid Liner blurring it out with an eyeliner pencil. Gorgeous rocker lashes with "shimmery" lash band that screams "I'm ready to rock and roll!".  Of course, let's not forget Rockateur blush and a lovely nude pink lipstick.

It was a fun shoot and I had loads of fun prettifying the "already pretties"!  I want to thank the Benefit Philippines Team for trusting my work and for being such a sweetheart!  It was a fun, doesn't-feel-like-a-job JOB for me! 

RJ and AMW

AMW and Paula

Aubrey and AMW holding power visuals

Once the official photos are available, I'll definitely share this to you guys!
Feel free to let me know what your favorite Benefit products are! :)

Mine is definitely the Brow Zings, Boxed Powders, Tints and now, I'm starting to love their lip products!  They are super creamy and highly pigmented I can't believe I never gave them a second look!

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  1. sis!! u did such a great job enhancing the models :)

    1. aww thanks sis for the vote of confidence :D

  2. You are a really good makeup artist, I wish I would be given a chance to have my makeup done with you. I also a big fan of Sam Pinto, You are so lucky! You inspired me too, that someday I will try to learn to be a makeup artist.

    Much Love,

    1. Thank you Rochelle for the very kind words! :D

  3. OMIGOSH ! you're so good at doing make up ! <3 Do show us the official pictures ! <3 Looking forward to it !

    1. Yes, will definitely show you official photos soon :) Thanks

  4. great job as always! galing :)

  5. You did a wonderful job, as always!


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