Saturday, July 27, 2013

AMW Reports: Lee Stay Curious

Last Tuesday, I braved the traffic and rain to visit the Lee Concept Store located at Glorietta 2.  Why?  I am curious to know what's up with LEE Stay Curious event!

Upon arriving the scene, I saw 2 ladies doing yoga wearing jeans!  Come on, what's up with that?  If that didn't stir up your curiosity, then, you must be one "deadma" person! :P

The event was hosted by Ms. Julia Sniegowski

And from there, I learned the F/W 21013 Collection.
  • Scarlett - a sexy tight pair of jeans that hugs the shape of your body from waist through the thigh, all the way down to the ankle! 
  • Skyler - high waist, cut skinny to hug the shape of your body from waist through thigh and all the way down to the ankle to set off those feminine curves.
  • Jeggings - low waist that skims the hips.  It is cut skinny and hugs the shape of your body from teh waist through thigh all the way down the ankle.

I seriously want to own a pair of this gorgeous jeans!  I'm a fan of tight fitting jeans that goes all the way to the ankle as it gives a slimming effect!  With my post pregnancy body, I seriously need some "tightening" on the right parts of my body!

Aside from learning about Lee's newest collection of jeans, we get to meet 4 Lee Ambassadors that night.

Christina Badkiss 

Lexi Gancayco
College Student/Blogger/Model/Entrepreneur

Leeroy New
Sculptor/Fashion Designer

Kai Huang
Photographer/Denim Collector/Vintage Biker/Foodie

Capping off the evening is a live performance from singer/songwriter/The Voice judge and Coach Bamboo!  I am so lucky to stand right in front of him as he performed!

I am so happy to be part of this event!  Staying Curious is something I am proud of, that made me the blogger that I am today!  I am very curious with new makeup, skincare, gadgets, etc... that made me create this blog! 

As Lee would say ---

Do you Stay Curious?
What are you most curious about?

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Thanks Marcie for the invite!

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  1. waaaahhh, super crush ko si Bamboo!

    1. hahaha ako ..naging crush! ang gwapo talaga :P

  2. Glad you had fun Nikki! Nice to finally meet you! :)



    1. Same here, thanks for inviting me! I'm glad to FINALLY meet you! Mwa

  3. Glad you were able to make it! Nice to finally meet you!




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