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Weekend Food Trip at: Smokin' Hot Bar BQ Global Filipino Cuisine

Happy Sunday Food Trip AMW friends!
Today, I will be sharing a Filipino restaurant we recently discovered at Greenbelt!  Yay for more Filipino restaurants around the area!  So dear friends who plant to visit me?  I am armed with more restaurant knowledge!  Feel free to visit me anytime! *Winks*

Smokin' Hot Bar BQ Global Filipino Cuisine, part of The Bistro Group,  is located at Greenbelt 3, this used to be my favorite restaurant Fish & Co.  Up until this very day, Mr. AMW and I can't get over the fact that our favorite "date place" restaurant was closed down but who knows?  The restaurant looks and sounds promising! 

Okay, let's get back to Smokin' Hot Bar BQ, it was a double date with "our brotha from anotha motha" and his wife, they were there early and we got a call asking if we prefer "Molo Soup" or "Sinigang".  Okay, that sounds weird, why would an American restaurant serve Molo Soup and Sinigang?  We originally thought we're going for American Food!  But upon entering the restaurant, I saw the name Global Filipino Cuisine, so thankfully, Filipino food isn't bad for our huge appetite that night!

Let's see what they can offer.  Let's hope it's not just barbeque dishes! 

Molo Soup
to share: Php235.00 (approx $5.87)
Ground pork and shrimp wrapped in molo wrapper
 and simmered in piping hot broth.
I just had homemade Molo Soup last night and trust me when I say Smokin' Hot Bar BQ's version tastes way beyond what I had!  The soup may look boring with the broth and few pieces of Molo but they are super flavorful!  I went for seconds and thirds or was it fourth?  I can't remember, all I can think of is the wonderful flavors I had on each sip.

Garlic Rice
Php60.00 (approx $1.50)
Seriously, how can you dine in Filipino restaurant without a cup of garlic rice?  I know I can't!  Though check out their menu, they have loads of other rice choices from Chicharon Rice, Aligue Rice, Sisig Rice, Black Rice and a whole lot more! 

Php305.00 (approx $7.63)
Simmered in Tomato Paste
I am not a fan of Bopiz, seriously, I have tried them and disliked them to the bones but it must be the Post-pregnancy hormones but I did gave this dish a try and it wasn't as bad as I originally thought it would!  Still not a fan but the taste isn't bad!  

Adobong Pusit
Php295.00 (approx $7.38)
Baby squid sauteed in aromatic spices and simmered in its own ink.
A gave this dish a skip due to possibilities of allergic reaction but watching my friends and husband eat, I'm sure anyone would enjoy this dish as much as they did!

Smokin' Bar BQ Chicken
6pcs for 680.00 (approx $17.00)
I guess this dish is their bestseller as they are located on top of their menu. You have the choice of 2, 4, 6 or 8pcs chicken with or without side dishes that ranges from ensaladang manga to Gising Gising, etc...

As any barbecue chicken eater, I prefer this with condiments!  Blame Aristocrat for spoiling me with sauce but I was actually hoping for something "sauce-y" and thankfully, there's vinegar on hand!  I love the crunchy and flavorful taste of chicken skin, I actually finished off the chicken skin in which I never do so!  The chicken itself is very tender but the flavor was mostly at the skin part!  Though this could be the restaurant's top dish, I prefer their Pork BBQ (Personal choice).

Pork BarBQ
2 Skewers for Php240.00 (approx $6.00)
This may look boring to any barbecue eater but upon tasting this, I swear, this is my favorite Pork BBQ to date!  Even without vinegar or any sauce, the pork barbecue is very flavorful and covered in light, sweet with a bit of tangy sauce.  Some people prefer their barbecue with a tiny amount of fat, I don't!  So this is a winner in my Barbecue History!

Pansit Canton
Php210.00 (approx $5.25)
A Filipino restaurant is good when they serve good Pansit Canton --- that's what I believe in.  I've had loads of Pansit Canton on both Filipino and Chinese restaurants and they never inspire me to order for more!  For the first time, Smokin' Hot Bar BQ's Pansit Canton is totally different from the usual "boring" Pansit Canton I've tried.  The dish isn't loaded with sauce but it was never dry to taste.  The  mix of different slices of pork, chicken, liver slices, squid balls and vegetables gives a unique texture plus "crunch" to the whole dish!  Will definitely order this again when I return.

Crispy Pata
Php625.00 (approx $15.62)
Pork hock roasted and fried to it's crispiest state!  Call me weird but I am not a fan of Crispy Pata or Lechon or whatever crunchy pork in general!  Things changed tonight when I gave the Crispy Pata skin a first bite!  It was very crunchy and flavorful, the meat is tender and doesn't stick between your teeth! 

Now after all the food porn, let's get down to business and try Filipino Desserts!

Buko Pandan
Php215.00 (approx $5.37)
Okay, another "new" thing for me, Buko Pandan isn't a new dessert but you seldom see me enjoy a spoonful of it because I'm not into coconut and anyone who knew buko pandan would know they always came with slices of coconut!  As for Smokin' Hot Bar BQ's version, they where thinly sliced and the mix of buko pandan, cream and coconut was just right, each ingredient complemented each other, nothing too overpowering! 

Ice Cream Scoop
Php95.00 (approx $2.37)
A choice of ube, banana and keso ice cream.
Keso Ice cream (cheese) usually came with huge cheese chunks!  Not this one!  The cheese bits give a unique texture on each spoonful, really delicious and authentic keso ice cream that brought me back to my childhood "sorbetero" days. 

Turon 2.0
Php235.00 (approx $5.88)
Banana ice cream with banana compote on home made caramelized cones.
A unique way to make your favorite turon into dessert!  The Banana ice cream serves as the banana, the ube ice cream made me think of ube slices from halo-halo, there's also langka and macapuno slices inside!  It is indeed a high-tech version of the usual turon!  I have to compliment the super yummy caramelized cones that's super crunchy to taste!  I can eat it on its own even without the "shebangs".  A MUST TRY!

As for our drinks, Mr. AMW went for his trustee Coke and I had a glass of Fresh Lemonade.

Smokin' Hot BarBQ Global Filipino Cuisine is indeed a restaurant worth visiting!  I enjoyed the dishes I tried and some of them could sound boring to you but their taste are beyond expectations!  

I also had a wonderful time because of the great service from servers, manager and staffs. 

L-R Benjie Pasia (General Manager), Kevin Mendoza (Asst. Kitchen Manager),
JV Redulla (Kitchen Manager) and yours truly

Will I go back?  Definitely!

Smokin' Hot Bar BQ
Global Filipino Cuisine

3rd Level Greenbelt 3, Makati
Tel. no: (632) 729.7431
Facebook page: SmokinHotBarBQ

Have you tried Smokin' Hot Bar BQ restaurant?
Do you have a favorite dish?

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