Sunday, July 21, 2013

AMW Reports: LINE Philippines

Happy Sunday AMW friends! I am holding off weekend food trip as of the moment as I'm really excited to share something for everyone who are into mobile messaging, gaming, etc...!

I heard about LINE, the mobile messenger service, weeks after I gave birth when my Aunt (Hi Aunty Anne!) gave me a visit at home and told me about this cute app with cute stickers.  Little do I know after downloading the app that this comes in various interactive elements not only cute stickers!

Here's why LINE is the "in" thing as of the moment ---

Line Stickers

There's Brown


 and James

Official Accounts 
Just like Instagram, you can create your own account and follow celebrities, public figures, corporate brands. 

Home & Timeline
Users can connect via LINE to share their thoughts on feelings on everyday lives. 

Cross-Platform, Multi-Device
Users of iOS, Android, BlackBerry,. Nokia and Windows over 3G,4G and Wi-Fi connection.  The great news is, we can run LINE on more than one device at a time!

Aside from all these, there's also my favorite, LINE GAMES!  There's also LINE Play, LINE Band, LINE Camera and a whole lot other LINE Family apps!

Download LINE app now and get to understand what I'm blabbing about!  And to our local readers, good news!  Line is brought closer to us Filipinos with ambassadors Jessy Mendiola and Matteo Guidicelli!  I'm not sure if you watched their newest commercial but I find the tandem really cute!

You can follow Jessy Mendiola by adding her official account ID: @senorita_jess
Follow Matteo Guidicelli by adding his official account ID: @matteoguidicelli

And of course, I'm not the only one who's a fan of LINE characters!  Check out Baby Kyle and his lovely friends!

Kyle with Brown  as big as him!

Kyle with Cony and Brown

I can now officially say, Kyle is a LINE BABY! :)

Thanks M2Comms for giving Kyle his first group of friends!  *laughs*

Have you tried LINE app?  Which one is your favorite character? 
I'd go for Moon, he looks exactly like Baby AMW!

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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!



  1. I've been using LINE ever since to talk to my BF and my family as well!
    I bought the Rilakkuma stickers, so they're my favorite

    1. same as you, I use LINE to communicate with hubby when he's in the office! :) I love Rilakkuma too! :D

  2. Hi! I also got a Brown LINE doll but I'm curious how and where did you the other two small dolls? :)

    1. Yah, same as here, how did you got those two small dolls :D

      And oh BTW Jean, can i buy your doll :D

  3. Is there any retail store here in the Philippines that sells LINE character dolls?

    1. Hi Elmar, I believe none, they just give it out for contests ...etc..

  4. Is there any retail stores here in the Philippines that sells LINE character dolls?


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