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AMW Reviews: Natasha Beauty Lip Duo

Inexpensive yet good quality makeup you ask?  To be honest, it is so difficult to find them but if I did, it's definitely worth  mentioning!  I recently got to try Natasha Beauty products, yes, you read it right --- Natasha BEAUTY, same as you, I've always associated Natasha with womens wear, menswear, shoes, bags, etc...

To see is to believe....

Natasha Beauty Lip Duos

Here are the 3 shades I've tried and loved, but please read my review.
 Coral Duo

Cosmos Duo

Pink Duo

Natasha says ---
A lipstick on one side and a lipgloss on the other, Natasha Beauty Lip Duo comes very handy for chic women on-the-go
Color: Coral, Cosmos, Pink, Peach, Rose, Scarlet
Size: Lipstick 1.4g, Lip gloss 6ml

AMW says ---
  • Price.
  • 2-in-1 product.
  • Lipstick isn't too drying as compared to other inexpensive lipstick brands.
  • Lipgloss looks superb!  My lips looks hydrated wearing it.
  • All 3 shades that I tried have amazing pigmentation.

  • Doesn't last long.  Re-application is needed within an hour or 2.
  • Not widely available.  You have to depend on online swatches to pick the shade you like.
  • The lipstick side packaging.  I prefer the lipstick to roll way down to the bottom to prevent accident!  I nearly broke my lipstick so many times every time I try to put the cap back on.
  • More shades will be very much appreciated!  This is the best time to try on loud/bold lipstick shades since the price and quality is good.

A pretty, pigmented lipstick/lipgloss duo that doesn't leave your lips dry upon application.

  • You can wear lipstick or lipgloss on its own for various looks.
  • Removing and returning the cap off the lipstick must be done with care.
  • Coral Duo is meant for medium to dark skin girls who would like the nude lips effect.
  • Cosmos Duo works for all skin colors but I highly recommend this shade to fair skinned girls as this color creates a nice pop minus the "a bus hit my lips" effect.
  • Pink Duo is best used by girls who are looking for Bright blue undertone pink lipsticks from high end brands but are on a budget!  Quite a close match to MAC's Pink Nouveau.
  • For more precise application, use a lip brush to apply your lipstick.  
  • For fuller lips effect, apply a good amount of lipgloss at the center of your lips spreading outwards.  
  • Take this along with you as re-application is needed.

Will I repurchase?

To whom do I recommend this to?
Girls who love to wear lipstick and lipgloss but are on a budget! 

Where to purchase and how much?
 Available at for Php200.00 (approx $5.00).

 Coral Duo

Most coral-shade lip color have strong orange shade, not this one!  I like the fact that Natasha came up with their version of a toned-down coral shade having more browns than orange!  This shade creates a very natural, healthy-looking lips.  

Applied with lipgloss, I prefer to apply minimal gloss as I have full-looking lips!

Cosmos Duo  
Cosmos is a unique red shade.  This can be written down on "I want to wear red but I'm afraid to try" lip product list! 

You can adjust the brightness of the lip color (just like a television) by piling up more if you want to create brighter looking lips! The advantage of this color is how it can brighten up fair to medium skin tone.

Applied with Cosmos gloss

Pink Duo
A bright pink almost fuchsia shade that has a blue undertone perfect for users with cool skin tone.

This shade reminded me so much of MAC's Pink Nouveau.  I find it a bit difficult to wear as I prefer warmer toned lip colors!  This lipstick is best used on events when I am too lazy to apply my eye makeup.

 Applied with gloss, I like how moisturized my lips look even though in real life, it is as dry as ever!

Have you tried any Natasha Beauty products?
Which other products from the brand do you highly recommend?

P.S. there is an Eye Duo, Mascara Duo and Face Duo from the same brand that I'm trying out!  Let me know your thoughts and which one you would like me to review first!

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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

(Product received for review.  Opinions 100% mine.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)


  1. I love the pink duo..but with the price I might get all of them na lng!! thanks for this post! I notice most bloggers have been raving about this...will definitely check these out! take care!

  2. I haven't tried their lippies yet but I've tried their concealer stick and it's pretty good! ☺


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