Tuesday, July 16, 2013

AMW Reports: What I learned from MAC Technique Workshop

Thank goodness MAC Technique was held on a Sunday and thank God my mom-in-law is available to take care of Baby AMW while I'm away!  There's always going to be reasons for me to thank the Lord each day for wonderful blessings such as learning more makeup tips and tricks from MAC's Senior Makeup Artist Ms. Amber Dreadon!

For this season, it is all about Global Glamour!  According to Amber D., clear, beautiful skin and bold lips is the "thing" this season.

And she's right!  As a makeup artist, nothing beats a clear canvass and you can play around with makeup doing various looks without piling much on!  So I highly recommend investing on the best skincare that's meant for you before you go splurge on makeup.
 Two looks was done in front of the stage.  For the first look, Amber D. taught the basic of doing brownish black smoky eyes!  Simple and boring you say?  Well not for Amber!  I learned so much that afternoon I can't wait to share to you readers because I love you :P  

Prep and Base Makeup
  • Prior to makeup application, it is very important to cleanse your skin with water or much better, MAC's Charged Water Skin Hydrating Mist or MAC Fix+.  Any facial mists that works your skin.
  • Primers should also be used depending on the needs of your skin!  If you have dry skin, go for moisturizing primers, if you have oily skin, go for primers with oil control.  According to Amber D, going to a MAC counter is like going to a doctor, you don't get the same "prescription" on each customer.  
  • For foundation application, apply using a brush with a patting motion for an even tone complexion.
  • Instead of piling on thick concealers, you can opt for a Brightening Pen like MAC's Prep and Prime Highlighter with Peach tone to correct under eye darkness.
  • Set your liquid foundation with a Blotting Powder or Translucent powder.  Apply the powder only on areas you like to stay matte (ex. T-zone, forehead, etc..).  Leave the cheeks powder-free for a nice dewy glow.
  • Bronzers can also be used to help create a natural sun-kiss glow.  Aside from the apples of your cheeks, do not forget to add color to your chin and above your eyebrows.
  •  On ALL makeup workshops I've attended, filling or redefining the brows is super important!  But I learned a new technique from Amber D. last Sunday, instead of the usual slanted eyebrow brush, a flat-shader eye shadow brush was used (MAC 239) and 2 eye shadow shades where used to gently fill in the brows of the model.  Amber D. explained that the brows aren't monotone so using 2 shades is better than one.
  • After "filling" the brows with eye shadow powder (Ex. Charcoal, Expresso, Soft Brown, etc...)  you can pick your favorite eyebrow pencil to fill in gaps and draw fake hairs with tiny check marks.  (ex. MAC Automatic Eyebrow Pencil in Brunette).
  • As for eye makeup, always use a primer underneath to keep the shadows from creasing.  MAC's Paint Pot is number one eye shadow base of choice and I have to agree!  They can be used as an eye shadow base or they can be used on it's own for a very natural look.  The best way to apply Paint Pot is to use MAC's 217 (blending) brush.  Apply all over the lid with a sweeping motion making sure everything is blended well.
  • For a unique smoky eye makeup, MAC's Fluidline in BlackTrack was used with MAC217 brush.  This is so unique for me but the effect came out pretty good!  Plus, it doesn't hurt that your smoey eye makeup will last you FOREVER!  Note to self: Gel liners can be used as eye shadows but you have to apply them with gentle hands and practice makes perfect!
 The Rest of the Face
  •  Cream blush in a very natural peachy tone was used to create color at the same time contour the face.
  • A nude colored lipstick was used as Amber wants to focus on the eyes.
 Next look, another model came out with face and eye makeup done at the backstage.  This look focuses on bright lips and Amber also explained how we shouldn't be afraid to use Peach colored eye shadow, it won't make us look sick as long as you pile them with good amount of mascara plus a thin liner.

Bright lips
  •  Yay to me that I own MAC's Lipliner in Cherry.  The same lip liner was used on model's lips!  Lip liners can also be used to create fuller or smaller looking lips!  You can definitely adjust the shape of your lips with a lip liner!  
  • MAC Lipstick in Ruby Woo's presence was definitely felt!  It's a red lipstick shade everyone should own according to Amber.  
Final Look for MAC Technique's Global Glamour Workshop

I had a great time catching up with Phoebe
Shen and MAC's talented makeup artist Owen!

Thanks MAC Philippines for inviting me! I had fun and I hope you learned something from what I've reported today! 

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Oh my Mac workshops are the best!


  2. So awesome!! Wish I can attend a MAC workshop too! Hehehe!! :D

    That's an interesting tip to apply brow powder with the MAC 239 - most of the time i see people using an angled brush like the MAC 208 to apply! I'll have to try that out someday! :D

    1. Yes, I also love to use the angled brush but I've seen a Korean Makeup artist use the same flat shader brush to apply eyebrow powders, it does give a full, very natural brows.

  3. Thanks for sharing your MAC Technique experience Nikki! It sounds like fun!
    As a MAC artist, would you believe I haven't had a chance to attend one, coz the last time di natuloy dito sa Cebu =(

    I would like to add, you can also use a MAC 213 or 228 brush to fill in the brows for a natural looking effect... =)

    1. Waaa, but I'm sure you have a lot of tricks up in your sleeves na as a MAC makeup artist! I'm sure it's a fun job!!! :)

      Thanks for sharing the tip! Will give that a try, I do not own a MAC 213, I googled, ang ganda ng brush ha!

  4. thanks for sharing nikki~ I always love to see what goes on and what extra info they can offer :)

    1. same here! I love attending workshops! more makeup tips and tricks from different professionals :)

  5. MAC is my trusted brand! I love the shades! :)


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