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Weekend Food Trip at: Namnam Comfort Filipino Restaurant

Happy Sunday!
When I have friends coming over, I always try to look for a Filipino restaurant that can offer unique Filipino dishes!  There's always the classic Filipino food but at times, I want to try something different!  And guess what?  There's a restaurant who offers Classic Filipino Dishes as well as Filipino Dishes cooked with a twist!

Namnam Comfort Filipino

Check out the restaurant's interior,

The space of the restaurant isn't huge but I am so happy each space was used in a way it never felt crowded inside.  People can comfortably sit, relax, and enjoy their food with family and friends.

Let's start with the "Pulutan"

S - Php150.00
M - Php285.00
L - Php545.00
Very tender beef cubes that's super tasty on both outside and inside!  The dish looks very spicy but it was cooked just right --- with a tiny hint of spiciness.

Baby Squid in Olive Oil and Garlic
S - Php145.00
M - Php265.00
L - Php480.00
 Mr. AMW enjoyed this so much, I gave this dish a miss as I may be allergic to this! :) 

Deep-Fried Chorizo 
and Kesong Puti Lumpia
S - Php110.00
M - Php195.00
L - Php360.00
 Thumbs up from me and Rowena of  The crunchy taste of the lumpia skin meets the gooey melted kesong puti is a match made in heaven!  I can eat this without dipping vinegar as I want to enjoy each crunch!

Caramelized Patis Wings
S - Php155.00
M - Php285.00
L - Php515.00
 If you think BonChon is the Chicken of the century, well, you have to try Namnam's version of their crunchy "soy-like" chicken wings!  Aside from the super crunchy and tasty exterior, the tender chicken meat is as tasty as the chicken skin!  I'd love to just put down my spoon and fork and use my fingers and savor each bite!

Street Balls of Fish, Squid, Crab 
and Lobster with a Trio of Sawsawans
S - Php140.00
M - Php255.00
L - Php460.00
 Come on!  Street food inside a posh-looking restaurant?  What more could a Filipino food lover ask for?  Well, the sauce!  The sauce of the "streetfood" type of fishballs and squidballs are not available in this restaurant but it warms the heart to eat something like this before the real meal!

Ensaladang Namnam
S - Php115.00
M - Php195.00
L - Php355.00
 Manga + Bagoong lovers who dislikes to dirty their hands?  This is the best meal for you!  Slices of green mangoes, pomelo, native tomatoes, peanuts and tinapa flakes are all tossed together.  A celebration at every bite.

Let me continue with 3 unique rice dishes that puts Namnam in the map (AMW map for restaurants to go back to!)

Tinapa Rice
S - Php65.00
M - Php115.00
L - Php220.00

 I have to be honest with you, I'm not a fan of Tinapa but the Tinapa Rice gives a unique meaning to some dishes served!  I'll let you know later on as you scroll further down on which dish is the wife of Tinapa Rice! :)

Breakfast Fried Rice
S - Php160.00
M - Php285.00
L - Php510.00
 Corned beef on rice?  Who can go wrong with this?  There's also a tiny hint of bacon bits, steak bits and spring onions sprinkled on top!  Yummy!

University Fried Rice
S - Php135.00
M - Php245.00
L - Php460.00
 The winner among the crowd *naks*  This rice can be eaten on its own even without the presence of main dish!  So flavorful and unique that we want MORE!

Grilled Tiger Prawns topped with 
house-made Aligue Butter
S - Php235.00
M - Php425.00
L - Php765.00
 I am seriously tempted to give this a try but my allergies + the fact that I'm breastfeeding stopped me from doing so!  Ahhhh, thank God for my determination! :P  But looking at how everyone enjoyed this dish, I'm sure it'll be a hit for seafood lovers out there!

Overloaded Garlic Bangus Belly
S - Php165.00
M - Php290.00
L - Php555.00
 Super yummy bangus belly dish and the garlic sprinkled on top did not overpower the taste of the fish!  This is the WIFE of Tinapa rice!

Sinigang na Beef Short Rib
and Watermelon
S - Php210.00
M - Php390.00
L - Php720.00
 Another MUST try in this restaurant!  The sinigang is so unique it tastes sweet and sour at the same time!  The beef almost melts right into your mouth and the fresh tomatoes are plump and juicy!  So delicious I want to visit the restaurant again for this unique Sinigang!

House Crispy Sisig
S - Php120.00
M - Php205.00
L - Php375.00
 This sisig dish is not too dry nor wet, cooked just right with a good amount of crunchy chicharon! 

Not-So-Dirty Ice Cream
S - Php60.00
M - Php110.00
L - Php200.00
 Brings me back to childhood.  This tastes exactly like those dirty ice cream (as we call it) but this one comes in a more flavorful version!  Abundant tiny cheese squares bite after bite!

Namnam Girls! :P
Me, Rowena and Analyn
 Thanks Franco for inviting us!

Overall, I am quite surprised how much I ate that night!  The food tastes good, service was great! And I love the fact that the restaurant have serving sizes on ALL orders!  In this way, I get to try different dishes more at an affordable rate!

Ground floor Greenbelt 2
Esperanza Street Corner Greenbelt Drive
Ayala Center, Makati Philippines

Tel. no: (632) 625-0515

Have you tried this restaurant? 
By the way I'd love to give Burger Bar a visit, anyone tried that restaurant above Namnam?
Any recommendations?

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  1. gooosssshhh make me feel hungry ;)

    1. Super yummy! Do give this restaurant a try! worth the time!

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    1. sorry! buti inupdate mo ako! Forever akong nagbubukas sa mo! LOL

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    1. hahahah! No way! you look classy and sosyal as compared to the feeling bata sa likod :D See you again soon!


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