Saturday, July 13, 2013

AMW Bulletin: New Products to Watch Out For!

Happy Saturday AMW friends!  It's a lovely weekend for me as I am definitely catching some zzz's after a full week of sleepless day and night!  Since my life circles around Baby Kyle (feeding him, playing with him, putting him to sleep, etc..) I'm glad to have something non-baby related stuff in front of me as a reminder to get back to my pre-pregnancy self!  I mean, as a mom, it is definitely easy to just settle down to a certain comfort level a.k.a. No makeup, no skincare, no dressing up!  :P  Come on, I'm sure a lot of you mommies out there can relate!

Recently, I've come to know more Splash Corporation skincare products!  The line is SkinWhite and I am out of date!  Like I said over my previous post, I've worked for several summers one of Spalsh Corporation's distributing company and the skincare product I know is Extraderm 1,2,3,4 and I swear to God those products work!  Everyone working in the company have beautifully fair, smooth skin!  So I definitely have high hopes on the SkinWhite Advanced line.

SkinWhite Advanced
Whitening Facial Cleanser
The packaging reminded me of a toner, it probably is but more of a toning cleanser!


SkinWhite Advanced
Whitening Face Cream Powder
This is something new and I'm most intrigued with this product as this product reminded me so much of my favorite Pond's Lightening Cream!  I love cream-powder finish products as they sometimes can be used as a makeup base!

SkinWhite Advanced
Whitening Lotion
Smells wonderful and never feels greasy on skin!  Since I just started using this, I can't tell about the skin lightening properties but the scent makes me want to keep on using this!

SkinWhite Advanced
Whitening Soap
I have to admit, I'm not really a fan of whitening products but when it comes to soaps, I am quite flexible to them as I love using whitening soaps concentrating on my elbows and knees and I promise you, it's one beauty trick to have even toned skin!

Next comes the lastest anti-ageing brand carried by HBC!  You've probably seen this around local beauty bloggers' sites.  The brand is called NUTOX Oxyfusion and I am very thankful that our friends from HBC sent me these to try!  This is actually a Malaysian brand!

NUTOX Oxyfusion is an anti-ageing facial care range that contains Bird's Nest essence.  For Chinese, Bird's Nest essence used on skincare can benefit the skin of the users by reducing fine lines, wrinkles, even out skin tone and moisturizes the skin!

NUTOX Oxyfusion Skin Refining Toner

NUTOX Oxyfusion Trial Set
Includes: Wrinkle Away Cleanser
Moisture Emulsion SPF25 PA++
Advanced Serum Concentrate

For more information about the brand, LIKE NUTOX Oxyfusion on Facebook

And still about skin care, my favorite Tea Tree line from The Body Shop came up with their newest face wash called Cool & Creamy Wash!  

I have to admit, my sensitive skin made me steer clear from anything with Salicylic Acid so I'm definitely giving this to Mr. AMW who loves Salicylic Acid!  *laughs*  He's a teenager by the way!  (referring to his skin). As for me, I'll stick to my super favorite spot corrector of all time!  The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil and I can't seem to keep track how many bottles I've finished up!


Now that our faces are covered with all these new products, let's talk about Body Odor! Pre-pregnancy, I can get away without using any deodorant or anti-perspirant!  Mr. AMW loves to call me an "Alien" as I can stay inside a steamed bath without breaking a sweat!  (I have weird pores I tell you!)  But post-pregnancy, my hormones went crazy and my body changed!  I am sweating so much when I carry Baby AMW even while I pump for breastmilk!  I guess you can now give me a "Normal Human Being" citizenship!  *yay*!

If you're a TV person, you've probably seen the newest commercial on Nivea Deo's latest range called the Nivea Deodorant Invisible for Black and White.


I originally thought they have each deodorant for black and white clothing, I mean, what about other colored shirts?  *laughs*  Don't mind me, again, it's the Nikki who lacks sleep talking! :)

Nivea Deodorant Invisible for Black & White makes sure black outfit stays black and white stays white for longer so there's no more embarrassing fashion boo boos.  

Nivea Men Deodorant Invisible 
for Black & White Power Spray 

Nivea Deodorant Invisible 
for Black & White Clear Spray

The new Nivea Deodorant Invisible for Black & White are now available in stores nationwide.  Visit or Like them on Facebook for more product details.

And last but not the least, I am so happy to share something NEW for our Furry Friends!  I wish I knew this product way earlier! 

My Pomeranian dogs used to have ticks and fleas as we used to walk them outside the street!  Aside from using the famous FrontLine to help kill ticks and fleas, I cannot do anything on the scars made by those pests and poor Char Char had to suffer the pain!  So dog owners out there, you can try Organic Dog Salve from The Merry Hempsters!  My dogs do not have scars at the moment but I'm definitely putting this on "pet medical kit" just in case they need it!

The Merry Hempsters
Organic Dog Salve Topical Healing Balm
Certified Vegan, USDA Organic, Oregon Tilth Certified Organic, 
Cruelty Free, Gluten Free and Handcrafted with Care.

Available at

Anything new you get to know recently? 

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