Friday, August 30, 2013

AMW Bulletin: DKNY Be Delicious

Ealier this week, I had an intimate dinner or shall I say..more on desserts with Krishna and 2 other blogger friends Shen and Angela at Stockton Place (anyone tried dining there? Cakes are really good!)  With these girls as my "dates for the night", expect a lot of crazy talk and I bet the guy right beside us was overwhelmed with all the information he got!  *laughs*  He should regret eavesdropping our conversation!  *evil laugh*

Stockton Place 

So anyway, Krishna handle one of my favorite fragrance brand called DKNY and we were told there are some exciting news and I want to immediately share it to my dear readers --- YES YOU! :)

But before that, I don't think I can find fragrance lover like me who doesn't know about the iconic DKNY Be Delicious Fragrance!  I've had my fair share of "finished apples" (Check out my Love Story About Fragrance post and I'm actually halfway done with my newest DKNY scent Fresh Blossom Eau So Intense).

And to celebrate almost a decade of DKNY Be Delicious as one of the world's best selling fragrance with more than 6.5 million bottles sold each year, they star a new model for their print ad campaign!

Any guesses who this lovely model is?

Before we get into that, local readers can enjoy the new Be Delicious Facebook tab this month!  The tab features an interactive version of the campaign that allows fans to engage with the content throughout the video!  And the best part?  You get to choose the ending!  Fun Fun Fun!

**Click photo below to go to DKNY Facebook page.

Anyway, to those who are very keen on models, DKNY Be Delicious has a new model!  Okay, seriously, both of them has similarity and at a glance, I can't even seem to differentiate one from the other as they both look gorgeous and both have the "sultry" effect.

Left: Lara Stone 
Right: Marloes Horst 

Who do you like better as DKNY's Be Delicious Print Ad Model?
I prefer the latter!  Marloes Horst I believe is also a Victoria Secret Model who has a face that screams --- I'm Sexy and I Know It! :)

Be Delicious is available locally in all Rustan’s Department Store, Landmark Department Stores and selected SM Department Store.

Price List:
Be Delicious 100ml – Php4,550
Be Delicious 50ml – Php3,500

Fresh Blossom 100ml – Php4,550
Fresh Blossom 50ml – Php3,500

Golden Delicious 100ml – Php4,550
Golden Delicious 50ml – Php3,500

Happy Weekend!
Enjoy Friday!

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  1. Wow! Another Be delicious DKNY perfume! I am so excited to try!!


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