Thursday, August 22, 2013

AMW Reports: The Ultimate BB Cream Event

Happy Thursday AMW Friends!  I hope our Philippine readers are doing okay and safe from the storm!  
On a lighter side, I will share to you The Ultimate BB! Event that I attended last Saturday.  It was a relaunch of Bobbi's BB Cream SPF35!  What's new for them to celebrate?  More shades availability for us to choose from!

The event was held at their new store, Rustan's Makati Grand Mall!  Check out the BB Pink Velvet Cupcakes!  They just don't look good, they taste heavenly!

Now on to the star of the day --- The BB Cream SPF34 PA+++

I sat on their makeup chair and had my shade picked by their makeup artist!  Guess what my shade is?  Fair!  I originally thought I'll be a Medium, I guess staying at home for almost a year means I'm getting pale as ever!  *sniff sniff*  It helps to have professionals help you pick the right shade so you won't be throwing out your hard earned money down the drain!

I opted for very minimal makeup as I like to go back home and shower Baby Kyle with hugs and kisses!  Thanks for adding a bit of definition to my boring brows!

Shobe Sophie came right after my shade-choosing and look how gorgeous this girl is!

After checking out our BB Cream shades, I went ahead and sat next to Tara and Angela for The Ultimate BB Cream Workshop!  I had fun learning more beauty tips!

Checkout how to pick the right shade Bobbi Brown Style! We love to swatch foundations, BB creams right at the jawline down the neckline.  And I learned something new today, it is best to swatch all the way from cheekbones down to the jawline!  Bobbi Brown's makeup artist also suggested applying product on the forehead 

The color that "disappears" will be your right shade!

It is also advisable to apply more at the center of your face and less near the ear for the skin to breathe.

Concealing is very important and I have to agree on Bobbi Brown creating one of the best eye concealer in the market!  I love the peach/salon colored concealer that helps counteract eye darkness IMMEDIATELY after application!  Patting motion is done to prevent product from sliding off and always set with powder.

Bobbi Brown's Creamy Concealer Kit was used on model and you can check out my review HERE.

After the quick makeover, I had the chance to roam around the newly opened Rustans Grand Mall Store.

And if you get the chance to visit the newly opened Bobbi Brown store, 
take time to read Bobbi's Makeup Lessons! 

Congratulations Jill Baysa and the rest of the Bobbi Brown PH team!

With Fellow Bloggers!

I am looking forward to test Bobbi Brown's BB Cream!  I will definitely share my review here once I've used it enough to share my opinion.

Grab your own Bobbi Brown BB Cream SPF35 PA+++ at local Bobbi Brown stores for Php2,350.00 (approx $55.95) 

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. It was super nice to see you again, Nikki!!! I had a great time! :)) Missed you big time! *hugs* I'll see you soon! :)

    1. same here! can't wait to see more of you!!! :D

  2. Replies
    1. So far, I've been using it for a couple of days, it's matte, but not drying.. and I have this feeling this BB cream works for most skin types!

  3. Ohhh too pricey :( But it looks like it sinks well to the skin.

    1. It does! it has a good amount of coverage for a BB cream that looks natural!

  4. I would love to try this! How much product is in the tube?

  5. wow! this is expensive but it must be good since it's from Bobbi Brown! :)

    1. Issa, we'll see if it's worth it, so far, tested it a couple of times, ganda ng finish! But I have to wait if I need it, mukhang better for normal , combination skin!


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