Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Readers' Corner: What to Pack (Hospital Bag)

Hi AMW friends!  I recently received an email from a reader asking me to share what I packed inside my hospital bag!

First things first, I want to thank my online friend Didi for sending me lists of things needed to take with me to the hospital!  Truthfully, to all first time preggy moms out there?  I understand how overwhelming it is to pack for a hospital bag!  I mean, the overall shopping for baby related stuff is stressful enough! So to be honest, as OC as I may seem, I am actually one lazy bone several weeks when I was about to pop!  I dread carrying my tummy and butt every second of the day, so can you imagine how difficult it was to pack for a hospital bag?

Photo taken by: Blow Up Babies Photo Studio

This will probably shock most of you but just so some of you may feel better, I actually completed my hospital bag several hours before I gave birth!  Yes, the bag was always there, there was a few items inside but it was never complete until April 15th 9:00pm (P.S. I gave birth April 16th 1:29am).

Before I share to you the things I brought, first things first, check with the hospital you will be checking in if they are PRO breastfeeding or not, all hospitals are but there are strict hospitals like Chinese General Hospital, Cardinal Santos and St. Lukes that requires new mommies to breast feed their babies several hours after giving birth.  That means, babies will be discharged from the nursery and will be sharing the room with mommy.  If that's the case, more baby related stuff are needed so you need to pack more!

Obviously, I wasn't aware of that so we didn't bring enough baby clothes and accessories!  Thankfully, we live close by the hospital so Mr. AMW did all the hard work!

So here's my version of AMW Hospital Bag!  I'm sure there are loads more you can include base on your needs but so far, I survived with all these!

For Mommy AMW
  • A couple of pajamas or comfortable clothes or plus size evening dresses that has easy access to breastfeed (if you plan to).
  • At least 3 pairs of socks to warm my cold feet.
  • Going home dress.  Dress is easier to wear since you will still have a huge tummy looking like 5 months pregnant! (sorry mommies!)
  • Toiletries (all in travel sizes).  Very important to bring toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, etc...
  • Comb, hair tie and clips (super important for me!)
  • Maternity pads or regular overnight napkins.
  • Lots of undies!  I change my underwear twice or thrice a day!  You just can't believe how much your body can excrete! *lol*  Too much information!  Sorry :P
  • Mobile phone - to update your family and friends.
  • Comfortable slippers.
  • Towels, though you are inside an air-conditioned room, you just don't know how much you can perspire.  Blame the hormones!
  • To some, basic makeup.  As for me, I didn't bring any except lip balm! 
  • If you are on the normal delivery route, if you can, purchase an Antiseptic spray for "down there" (check with your doctor first).  It helps!!! A LOT! 
For Baby AMW
  • A pack of newborn diapers. The hospital will give you a pack used at the nursery plus bathing essentials, you can opt to use what the hospital gave you or buy your own preferred brands.
  • Receiving blankets, depending on how long you will stay, I brought at least 3 as we use these to swaddle the baby! 
  • Speaking about swaddling the baby, if possible, buy legit "swaddle" from SM Department Stores as it is easier to manage as compared to wrapping baby using blankets .
  • Tie side long sleeves paired with pants.  Bring at least 5 pairs!  Like I said, we were surprised baby was room-in the next day and we didn't have enough baby clothing!
  • Bonnets
  • Mittens and socks/booties.
  • Going Home outfit.
Very Important!
  • Necessary papers from Doctor.  
  • Xerox Copy of Marriage Contract
  • PHILHEALTH, ask for Forms 1 and 2 from hospital to be filled by husband.
  • At least 1 Valid Government ID.
  • Cash/Credit Cards.
  • An envelope on all medical checks, ultrasound photos, prescriptions on all the medicines you took while pregnant etc... just in case.
These are just some of the most simple items we took with us and so far, we survived!  I'm sure there are better lists and longer lists out there!  But for me, the less you pack, the better.  With ranging hormones and super huge tummy, packing simple is the best way to feel less stressed.

I hope my list can help newbie moms out there!

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  1. thank you for the tips! At least now I have an idea what to put on my hospital bag, I really don't have idea :P

    1. Elgee, naku, same here! It's overwhelming promise!

  2. definitely helpful for first time expecting moms ^_^ I have to agree with the legit Swaddles , thought they are a bit pricey they, my baby loves it. I bought the Stage 1 Swaddle and Stage 2 Swaddle. ^_^

    1. Hay naku, I didn't know they exist!? See!!! I'm not a good researcher during my pregnancy days, I'm just toooo lazy! lol


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