Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Eureka Moment: Brush Holder

I blogged about my personal brush holder year 2008 (Eureka Moment: Brush Holder post).  Because I'm good at taking care of my stuff, I'm proud to share that the glass is still doing well and it holds more brushes than ever!

But, after giving birth, I've decided to go back to makeup routine and saw that my glass container is picking up on dirt!  It doesn't help that my makeup brushes are exposed so I had to wash them all over again!  

That's when my search for a makeup brush case instead and I've set my eyes on Sigma's!  I nearly bought their travel set just for the container!  I was just waiting for their free international shipping day but thankfully, another EUREKA MOMENT for you and me!  *winks*

Thanks Avon Philippines for sending this to me together with their lipsticks!  First of all, this brush container is NOT from Avon!  Thanks fellow makeup artist Kristel Matias for letting me know where to purchase this!  BUT...hold your horses, before I let you know where to grab this cute holder, can I just brag a bit?  *winks*

So chic!

I also like to put the "used" brushes on the cap during makeup application!

The "PRO" on using such case is that my brushes are unexposed thus keeping them free from dust and dirt.  You have to make sure your brushes are completely dry before you store them.

Unfortunately, unlike my glass container, I cannot put as much brushes I want so I highly recommend this for personal use and for makeup artists who want a chic brush holder to put on a vanity table as you can easily separate used and unused brushes!

Now, the exciting part...where to purchase?

Local readers can purchase this brush holder at Landmark for Php399.00 (approx $10.00), the price isn't bad considering how sturdy it is plus quality is good!

How do you store your brushes?
Will you purchase this brush holder?

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  1. Hi miss Nikki, I've seen this in Landmark Trinoma a few months back, they do have lots of nice stuff including generic brushes, acrylic organizers & makeup essentials.

  2. Yey! I have one too! I had been wanting one since I saw Sigma's. I'm so glad I found one at Landmark. I hope they come out with other designs. They have plain ones too, but those come with brushes na and aren't sold separately. Eureka moment, indeed :D

    1. I agree, sometimes, plain is still the better option (for me ha) :D

  3. I saw this on Landmark too! <3 I love the design. Perfect for display on makeup table :)

    1. wow..ang dami nang nakakakita! ako lang ata ang nahuhuli! hahaha

  4. I love it!! Thanks for featuring this!! ^^


  5. Hi! Can you tell me the dimensions of this holder? I have some cases but one of my long brushes doesn't fit any of them.

    1. This will definitely fit long brushes! The height is around 6 inches tall :)

    2. Hi Nikki, thanks for the info. I'll check them out at Landmark. :)

  6. That is a very nice brush holder! I want them badly. Do you have an idea where I can get it online? -www.greenmountainhorse.com


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