Sunday, August 25, 2013

Weekend Food Trip at: Ebun

Happy Sunday everyone!
Today, I will be sharing a Filipino restaurant I recently tried when my brother arrived for a short visit!  Ebun Restaurant located at SM Mall of Asia.  

Based on research, Ebun restaurant is a traditional restaurant that gives a hint of Spanish touch.  Ebun means "egg" (not bird as I originally thought LOL).

To be honest, I've seen the restaurant so many times but didn't get the chance to try it until my brother came back and we usually go for Filipino dishes just in case he missed our local delicacies.

Free peanuts and sweet potato strings

Pork Sisig
Php250.00 (approx $6.50)
I am a fan of either very crunchy sisig or sisig that isn't too dry and Ebun's version isn't any of the above!  It's dry and doesn't have any crunch on each bite so I'll give this a skip for my next visit.

Sizzling Tofu
Php150.00 (approx $3.57)
Thanks to this order my "sisig" craving was met!  The sizzling tofu has the right amount of onion, sauce and crunch on every bite!

Php200.00 (approx $4.75)
Sorry I cannot comment on this dish, my brother and mom love this so but I'm not a fan of Laing so I gave this a skip!  But according to my brother, it tastes really good!

Bulanglang Bangus Belly sa Bayabas
Php300.00 (approx $7.14)
The restaurant's bestseller on the soup department.  I love the unique almost-Sinigang-but-not-Sinigang taste.  The dish not be as appetizing to look at on photo but the soup is quite unique as the base is made from guava instead of the usual tamarind sour broth.  I guess this is the Sinigang Kapampangan style!

Beef Tapa
Php270.00 (approx $6.43)
Beef tapa is my ultimate favorite rice dish and I've had quite a number of this from different restaurants.  Unfortunately, the experience was quite a let down as the beef tapa came out dry and hard to chew!  The taste though, is really good as the beef was obviously marinated for hours or even days!  The salted egg and "achara" doesn't taste as good as it looks!

Overall, I can't say I'm excited to go back to the restaurant as the food that I tasted that night was just so-so.  Nothing exciting or unique. I'm not sure about the other branches or because of the time of the day that we visited (almost closing) but I felt the food could be better!  Thankfully, their friendly staffs were there to make everything better!

Ebun Restaurant
Ground level, SM Mall of Asia - Entertainment Mall

Pacific Drive and Ocean Drive, Mall of Asia Complex Pasay

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  1. Have you tried sisig from Sisig Hooray? In my opinion, it's the best sisig. And I don't like laing either. Haha!

    1. not yet, where can I find Sisig Hooray? The name sounds fun! hehehe High Five on Laing!

  2. Here in Pampanga, Bulanglang is different from Sinigang. Bulanglang uses ripe guavas while Sinigang uses tamarind. :)

    1. I agree with you, Bulanglang is definitely different from Sinigang but I guess the waiter just compared it to Sinigang and did share the difference of the soup base ! thanks for sharing too!


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