Friday, September 20, 2013

AMW Makeovers: Bea and Claire

Happy Friday!
I am so excited to share another AMW Makeover post, I  haven't done a makeover posts for quite some time but now, I'm back with a vengeance!  I am very thankful that I still get clients even if I was "on leave" for several months after giving birth!  

I got a text message from my dear friend who's currently the Brand Manager of Silka, she asked me to do her makeup on the company's anniversary party!  Who am I to say no?  She has been very supportive of my makeup artistry and I can clearly remember the times I practice my makeup skills on her!  

It has been several years after so I'm really excited to prettify her again!

Bea has always been on a "safe side" in terms of eye shadow shades, it has always been golds and browns so that day, I suggested she gets out of her shell and try on something different, something she doesn't sport much and it's definitely a smokey eye makeup! 

Thankfully, Bea felt the same about the change and gamely asked me to do whatever I think would work for her!  It was a night event so a smoky eye makeup is perfect!

Bea Before and After
Skin type: oily and acidic
Request: Prettify her!  A look that can be seen from stage.

With an "already gorgeous smile", I went ahead and primed Bea's face using Benefit Porefessional.  With cream foundation shade 2 shades lighter from Graftobian, I applied it all over face concentrating more on the under eye area, the cheeks and forehead.  I also counteract a bit of her under eye darkness with Bobbi Brown Concealer.  

Since Bea already have full and nice brows, I just tinted it a bit with a dark brown brow gel as believe it or not, she had her hair colored and it has a shade of dark brown in person!  I heavily primed her eyes with my favorite Urban Decay Primer Potion as I know this girl have very oily lids!  I whipped out my Bobbi Brown Caviar Palette and MAC eye shadows using various shades of blacks, grays and a bit of silver.  Of course, to finish off the lovely eye makeup, I applied eyeliner close to her upper lash line and apply coats of mascara!

Using Benefit's Cha Cha Tint, I made sure to apply it underneath the blush to prevent her blush from fading during the event.  Believe it or not, I also used Benefit's Cha Cha Tint for her lips and applied a clear gloss for a smooth finish.

With Bea's gorgeous smile, I seriously didn't have difficulty prettifying her.

Claire's Before and After
Skin type: Combination (Normal and Dry)
Request: She printed Lea Salonga's Make up
Claire, the pretty Brand Manager of Juicy Cologne, is a perfect face for the brand.  She looks bubbly, friendly and easy-going.  When she showed me Lea Salonga's makeup as her "peg" for her makeup look, I immediately agreed that the makeup she chose would look great on her!  

To cover up pores on her nose area, I applied Benefit's Porefessional and Laura Mercier Moisturizing primer on the rest of her face that feels tight and dry.  I used RMK Liquid Foundation with a patting motion piling up as needed.  I also used a concealer on her under eye area plus the cheeks to cover up redness.  I then set the foundation with Shu Uemura Loose Powder.

Her brows are arched nicely but I thickened it a bit using Benefit's Brows-A-Go-Go.  Primed her lid with UDPP and used various shades of browns, golds and champagne on her eyes. 

I used Nars Orgasm on her lovely cheeks and a Bobbi Brown lipstick. 

I applied false lashes on both girls and sprayed their "final look" with my favorite Skindinavia Setting Spray from Mary Kay!

L-R Me, Bea, Claire and Kim-Tan Rodriguez (Hair)
I want to thank both girls for including me in such important event!
Any makeovers you've done lately?

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