Saturday, September 21, 2013

Something New: Lancome Visionnaire Yeux

Hi AMW Friends!
It's Saturday!  Finally, I have a day "off"!  Well, not from being a mom but from all the work-related activities!  I've been out a lot this week and missing my baby so much so I'm definitely bonding with Baby Kyle over the weekend.

Let's talk about skincare, since I have baby AMW with me like a tiny kangaroo inside my "pouch" (translation: I carry him most of the time), I make sure to use "safe" skincare products so I haven't really been taking care of my skin lately!  Now that Baby AMW is growing at 5 months old, I'm getting back to my skincare routine and that MUST include the eye product!  I have used moisturizers again but have skipped eye products so I can definitely see some under eye darkness and puffiness appearing! 

There is something new for me to try from Lancome called Visionnaire Yeux.... I have just started using this product so I can share to you for now is my initial review.

To be honest, I haven't tried any eye product from Lancome so I'm excited to give this a try!  It doesn't hurt that I find their packaging simple to look at but VERY innovative!  

The clear plastic applicator looks like a "tongue" with a smooth and "dotted" side.  The other side is meant to be used to "massage" your eye area.  

Aside from the unique applicator, I enjoy the fact that they made a twist-lock mechanism thus I can take this product with me easily on travel and not worry about product squirting out inside my bag!

Now let's talk about the product itself, the product promises to help target three major eye problems!  lancome Visionnaire Yeux help correct, brighten and smooth the eye area delivering a long-term action.  This product is suitable for all skin types even for sensitive skin LIKE ME!  (I used to have major eye allergies that lasted for 3 months!)

I haven't really tried this product on a daily basis I'm just starting to incorporate this product usage by using this around 3 times a week increasing in application for the weeks to come.  So far, I find this eye product to be lightweight, very easy to use and it gets absorbed into my skin easily.  I did not experience any "tightening" feel for now but my under eye area is immediately hydrated at first 3 uses.

The only downside is, well, I'm quite OC with any product that touches my face so I had to take the effort to wipe excess product off from the applicator after EVERY use!

**Lancome Visionnaire Eye Perfector is priced at Php3,295.00 (approx $75.00) available at Lancome Greenbelt 5 Branch.

Have you tried Lancome Visionnaire Yeux?
How was your experience?  

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