Sunday, September 22, 2013

Weekend Food Trip at: King Chef Fine Dining

Before I attended the launch of King Chef Fine Dining 2 years ago, I knew about the restaurant way back and dined at their restaurant during Soft Opening .

Several years after, our family still enjoyed visiting the restaurant as aside from the good location, the restaurant itself is spacious, clean and the servers are always attentive to our needs!

It was my brother's birthday and we've decided to have a simple dinner at King Chef Fine Dining!  

King's Special Crabroe Soup
Small Php320.00 (approx $7.30)

 Yang Chow Fried Rice
Medium: Php310.00 (approx $7.05)


Deep Fried Seafood Salad Roll
Small: Php320.00 (approx $7.30)

Minced Pork with Lettuce
Small: Php260.00 (approx $5.90)

Sauteed Vegetables with 3 Kinds Mushrooms
Small: Php250.00 (approx $5.70)

I do not need to personally comment on each dish as so far, after several visits, my experience have always been good.  I've also included the restaurant menu as some of you may like to browse through what the restaurant can offer before visiting!


King Chef Fine Dining
987-989 Banawe Street
Quezon City
Tel no: 441-4177

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