Sunday, July 3, 2011

Weekend Food Tripping at: King Chef Fine Dining

Abigail Ang invited me to experience a Grand Launching of King Chef's Fine Dining Restaurant.  The invitation wrote "Imperial Feast" to be exact!  It was a rainy Thursday evening but when I got in the restaurant, the place was packed with a lot of excited guests who are the friends of the owners, media people and of course Bloggers! :)

I blogged about my first King Chef experience HERE and it was that night that I come to realize that there are 3 different restaurants owned by the same group.  Cantonese Soup Kitchen, King Chef Dimsum Kitchen and a few steps away housed King Chef Fine Dining Restaurant!

The first restaurant Cantonese Soup Kitchen started as a frustration for a stomach ailment that kept Marites Ang her husband Michael Chan-Ang from enjoying the food he liked.  Marites, who was trained by her mom in the kitchen knew that Cantonese Soups always had herbs in them.  With her love for her husband, Marites tried and tested different combinations of herbs and meats, keeping in mind what herbs would help which bodily functions. 

The feast started with welcoming remarks from the Dining Manager, Mr. Joey De Los Santos

Double Boiled Native Chicken Soup
They definitely did not scrimp on ingredients!  The soup was really tasty and it fills my cold tummy after getting a bit wet on the rain!

A closer look on the soup that was served to me

Cold Cuts Combination
I know it's a Chinese restaurant but the added California Maki gives a refreshing taste to regular cold cuts combination!  My favorite is the Honeycured Pork (Asado) which tastes so good!  

Suahe Tea Leaves
Presentation - Check!  Uniqueness - Check!  We were told that this is the only restaurant who serves such unique dish of shrimps using the wonderful aroma of green tea leaves!

Yang Chow Fried Rice
Not oily at all! I like the right texture! Does not have an overpowering taste which makes this a good companion for your favorite dishes.

King Fish Mango Sauce
Another unique dish!  A good amount of mango sauce was poured over crispy fried fish!  I like it that it's crispy on the outside then you can still taste the freshness of the fish meat.

Imperial Spareribs (Hong Ba)
I was expecting small bites of spareribs as served by most Chinese Restaurants.  2 huge chunk of meat was served with sauce!  I am not a fan of fatty meat so I just tasted the lean part. 

While enjoying our scrumptious meal, the owner, Ms. Maritess Ang thanked her guests and the people who helped made this restaurant possible!

A mini presscon was also made possible as the management team together with the owners step up on stage to answer questions from guests!  I was quite surprised that the master chef is not Chinese because I myself is Cantonese and I know authentic Cantonese dish!  As I tasted the wonderfully cooked meals for the night, I had an impression that the man behind the big kitchen is from Guangdong China!  

We were told by Maritess that Master Chef Mr. Joel Aroy and herself frequent Guangdong Province, China to taste authentic Cantonese dish and bring the knowledge back to be shared at King Chef Fine Dining restaurant. 

The mini presscon turned  into a wedding reception!  We enjoyed clicking our glasses for them to kiss!  Our request was granted as the day after is actually the couple's 4th year Wedding Anniversary!  Congratulations!

Crab with Sotanghon Hotpot
As the huge crabs are staring at me laughing at the allergies I will soon get!  I popped in an anti-histamine pill and was able to try the Sotanghon!  I love it that its super tasty and flavorful!

Chicken Fortune Bags
All the dishes served are great to all my senses but this particular dish puts a huge smile on my face as I love it so much!  As you bit on the tiny bags, a good amount of chicken, mushrooms and sweet sauce fills my mouth!  I can't stop munching on the fresh broccoli as well!  I was THISCLOSE to putting some Chicken Furtune Bags inside my bag! :P *hahaha*

Herbal Lemongrass with Mixed Fruits
I was silently praying for a Mango Sago that I love, but this one did not disappoint me as fruits are good for the body and the added herbal lemongrass refreshed me!  Take note that this dessert is not for everyone as it has a certain herbal taste.

We usually pass by Banawe area on our way home and it's great that a Fine Dining, Authentic Chinese Restaurant is there for me and my family to experience!  Though the seating capacity of the restaurant is smaller compared to other Chinese restaurants, I love the fact that the ambiance is not intimidating at all!  Classy, yes!  But the huge smile of the servers made me comfortable and happy!

Yes, I am very happy with my experience that I will actually be celebrating my Mom's Birthday this coming July 9th in this restaurant.  I pray that I can get a table as I heard they're always packed!

King Chef Fine Dining
987-989 Banawe Street
Quezon City
Tel no: 441-4177

Thanks to the people from King Chef Fine Dining and Abigail Ang for the invite! It was one fun food affair!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. i died at cold cuts combination! ;-)

  2. I'm just thinking of the hospital food next week...thanks for the pics!

  3. @Marge Don't die! eat ka para ma try mo! hahahah :)

  4. @Rae Me too! can't wait for July 9th! will go back!

  5. @Jamilla Camel awww Hospital food ? oh my never tastes good!


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