Saturday, July 2, 2011

AMW Gives: Nanny Rose's Sticks & Pulls Honey Wax --- CLOSED!

Happy Saturday!  It was a whirlwind Friday for me as everything was so hectic and I just didn't have time to just sit down, relax and breathe!  Well, I did for a minute when my 3 Pomeranian babies wanted my full attention!  They could get quite demanding and want me to rub their tummy in a certain way!  

I will be off to  more tasks to do for the day and I'll be leaving you with a contest that I haven't posted for a month!  

Amanda contacted me via email asking me if I want to review Nanny Rose's Sticks & Pulls, to those who aren't familiar with the brand.  It's an all natural hair remover in a form of honey wax and is made of only ingredients closest to nature.
The sticky pot is a combination of locally produced honey, sugar and calamansi juice - a conconction that will keep skin smooth, hydrated and will eve exfoliate dead skin cells.  It contains no harsh chemicals or ingredients that can cause allergies that is why it can be used on sensitive and delicate areas.  

The product is all natural so you can feel good about it!  I was told that this is similar to the wax used by most waxing salons in the Metro!

Intriguing, interesting...but I declined the review because I am not a fan of waxing on my own!  I did not forget my readers though and asked if I can give these away instead!  Thanks to Nanny Rose's Sticks & Pulls for saying YES to my request. 

3 AMW Readers can win a box of the All Natural hair remover!  I will throw in some more surprises so do not hesitate to join.  I do apologize though that this is for Philippine readers only.

  • Click comment together with your name and email address.  (One comment per person, no duplicates please).
  • Answer this: "How do you remove unwanted hair?" 
  • Contest starts today and will end on July 9, 2011 (11:59pm).
  • 3 Winners will be chosen via Fruit Machine.
I will email the 3 winners and will send the product to them directly via courier!
To those who can't wait, Nanny Rose's Sticks & Pulls is exclusively distributed by Watson's.

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. How do you remove unwanted hair?

    _I shave and pluck...Never got to try waxing even doing it myself or going to a wax salon. It would be nice to try one.

    Agnes Dela Cruz

  2. Cool!

    I actually go to a waxing salon that uses cold wax (they said it's made predominantly of honey and sugar).

    I've never done waxing myself though.

    * * *
    And to answer the question, I go to a waxing salon for brazillian wax.

    For my armpits, I had them lazer-ed off.

  3. I go to laybare or i sometimes pluck.
    Pauline valenzuela

  4. i simply pluck or shave, my femstache and armpits LOL. thanks to my dad's bloodline i don't have to do either of those to my legs nyahahaha
    Marge Tan

  5. HI, please enter me:


    I remove unwanted hairs by shaving :)

  6. I do threading on my eyebrows and i had my UA lasered. My legs though, i want to wax them but i am afraid (bigger surface area= ouch!)

  7. Hey Nikki! Nice contest!! yey!

    I remove unwanted hair the traditional way.. "Shaving"!! Yikes! I just hate how it grows fast and pointy almost every 2 weeks! grr!!

    hope ill win! so i can try the brand! =)



  8. Before, I used to use Veet's cold wax strips for my legs. I don't mind waxing as I have a pretty high threshold for pain. But one day last summer, I decided to buy Nanny Rose's Sticks and Pulls at Watsons (it was on 20% discount). Recently, I've been trying to get myself to using organic products. When I tried it that night, I knew that I will never go back to those cold waxing strips again. And it wasn't that time-consuming. I tried using it on my underarms and it also worked well unlike the cold wax strips which never worked for my underarms.

  9. I remove unwanted hair by waxing! I want to try this new product! =]
    Mina, mgna15 at

  10. Kim Rodriguez, Nikki I'm not blessed with a lot of hair so I just shave whatever I have haha.

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  12. I shave and sometimes have them waxed!


  13. i shave and pluck, too! i haven't tried waxing yet. :)

  14. Katrina Manalastas

    I use epilin to remove unwanted hair. But I want to try this product though. :)

  15. Kate Gienelyn Sinaon

    I used to pluck and shave but now I just shave. I've tried sugar waxing a few times too but sometimes I'm just too lazy to do it.

    I would still choose to wax though, 'cause the hair comes out fine and thin, plus it takes more than a week to grow back.

    And I'm also thinking of hair laser removal. I think I'm gonna give that a try someday.

  16. Lala Chua

    How do you remove unwanted hair?

    For my legs and eyebrows, I prefer having them waxed because the hair comes out finer and thinner. It leaves my skin ingrown-free and smooth. Waxing is pretty quick. It is also safe to D-I-Y.^^

  17. The name is so catchy!! =) sticks and pulls!

  18. I shave mine then I apply lotion.

  19. I remove unwanted hair by shaving because it's fast and convenient. If I have something special to go to, I get it waxed at a salon. :)

    Nicole C.

  20. Monette Nama

    I just shave it..however, it's hassle so I sometimes use wax too..

  21. Denise Go

    I always, always wax! Either I go to the salon or when I'm extremely lazy to leave the house, I do it myself on my pits and lower legs. The lady bits have to be professionally done all the time though. To chicken to do it myself. :P

  22. Belle

    I shave most of the time cause it's faster. but i hate the growing hairs a day after. i sometimes pluck when im in no hurry, and can tolerate the loooong pain im having during the process. :)

    i've tried waxing before. i love it to bits, would love to try this brand now. :)

  23. Katherine Rose Rivera

    I used to pluck when I was in high school and go to waxing salons nowadays because I'm afraid to damage my pits again by plucking. I think it's time to try a D-I-Y waxing method because sometimes I ran out of time going to waxing salons due to my busy schedule

  24. i never tried plucking my "unwanted hairs" coz im afraid i'll do it wrong.i go to browhauz and the strip for threading and waxing.

    April Escamillan

  25. Hey Nikki! Just saw you on TV!

    Looking great! Attagirl! =)

  26. hmmm... when i was at my teens i remove underarm hair by plucking w/c is my mother's method. I realize that it causes dark underarms and chicken skin so i switched to shaving but it grows back in no time so i tried waxing. i use glamworks which works fine, epilin which i find a bit more painful compared to glamworks and recently i tried veet ready to use wax strips which is the most painful to use and leaves half of the hair population behind not to mention the most expensive among the three.

    Cherry V. Carniyan

  27. Hi nikki! I actually enjoy plucking unwanted hair(eyebrows and underarm hair)..I dont feel any pain and i do it almost everyday, as long as i find something to remove lol. I used to shave before but that just made my unwanted hair grow faster..Im afraid of using wax or any hair removing cream.. Sometimes i want to try but i change my mind easily when i reach supermarkets.. :)

    Marie Antonio

  28. How do you remove unwanted hair?

    i go to laybare for underarm waxing or i use veet hair removal. i wish i can try these so that i can do these at the comforts of my home and it will be less expensive! Weee. =)

    Kamela Angela Uy

  29. I shave. Im scared of any form of plucking. But maybe if you give this to me, then I might change my ways. :) Nothing is constant but change :)

  30. I tried plucking, shaving and waxing. Stuck with waxing especially with my underarms. Thing is, I haven't tried waxing unwanted hair in my legs. I might try it using this product.

    Khrishia Sedenio

  31. I remove unwanted hair by using cold wax and by plucking. It's more economic and better thaN shaving. Plus, i love doing them! Hahaha!
    Sometimes, when it's not long enough and i need 0 unwanted hair asap, i have no choice but to shave 'em..

    Valerie joy cabance

  32. I use cold wax to remove all unwanted no to plucking and shaving :)
    Jenh Harder

  33. since i rarely have time, i just shave. but i've always wanted to try waxing for a cleaner feel.

    anya mendoza

  34. How do you remove unwanted hair?

    By shaving! no choice, I think plucking is more painful. Never tried salon waxing.

    Regina C. Beleno

  35. I remove my unwanted hair with the use of hot wax. :) First I scrub my the part I'll be waxing, after scrubbing, I dry the part then add baby powder before putting on the wax.

    Mika H.

  36. I use hair removal strip, but it's painful, not recommended...


  37. I use depilatory cream and sometimes shave unwanted hair when I'm in a hurry.

    Michelle Ame

  38. yehey contest!

    I use the ever reliable strip-it wax alternate with my epilator.

    Grace Abello

  39. How do you remove unwanted hair?
    -Threading for the eyebrows and waxing for the rest. =)

    Angie Lacanlale

  40. I used to shave but I find that it makes the hair grow coarser. I tried cold wax but it takes too much time and doesn't work well for me. I am scared to use depilatory creams on my underarm as it might be too harsh for the skin. So I went back to plucking. I have naturally thick hair strands, so that also goes for those hairs in unwanted places. I am just thankful I am not hairy at all. However, thick hair strands + plucking causes the worst chicken skin on the underarm. -

  41. I can't find my post yesterday........

    I use epilator, easier and the slow growth of hair. For eyebrow, threading by an indian lady. Hope i can try this new product.

    Susie -

  42. Iya Valenzuela

    I make my own homemade sugar+honey wax! It's a bit time-consuming to make natural hot wax but the results are great! :)

  43. Leilani sonza

    I wax and shave! It depends on my schedule :)

    Nikki you look good on tv! I saw you on Jessica Soho!



    i remove unwanted hair by shaving >.<

  45. i go to laybare for my waxing needs. or if nagtitipid, plucking.

    it will be nice to try doing it at home.

    Nina Trinidad

  46. Charina Espinosa

    How do you remove unwanted hair?

    When it comes to my UA i usually do plucking. When it comes to my legs, before i do waxing but when i'm in a hurry i shave it.

  47. Before I started waxing my unwanted hair a.k.a my UA hair I am shaving it but it pisses me of that after a day or two of shaving the hair will grow immediately and so I searched in the internet for any alternative ways and so I found out DIY Waxing. Yes waxing in the comfort of your own home, I am hesitant at first because I am afraid of the pain since I am not even plucking but when I read reviews that it isn't painful at all I give it a try. And yes, it is really not painful. When I wax my UA it will take 1-2 week before the hair grows again and I just love it <3 I saw this wax today at watson's I am hesitant to get it though since I haven't read reviews about it pa.

    Cherry May Dela Cruz

  48. i remove unwanted hair by getting it threaded or waxed by a professional.

    Bea Santos

  49. I am a spa owner, and i am using Honey Cold wax to remove unwanted hairs. but i can say that it is real messy and sticky.. i would love to try this one and use them to my clients..

    Kristine Guevarra

  50. Vanessa Mae Santiago

    i use cold wax which i ask my tita to buy from the middle east.. i haven't tried any other way..:)