Friday, September 6, 2013

AMW Reviews: Benefit Cha Cha Go-Go

I have proclaimed my love for Cha Cha tint as my favorite shade out of all the tints from Benefit!  Some of you may go for the famous Benetint, while some will choose the baby pink shade from Posietint.  But the girl writing this post is biased, you know why?  Well, I get compliments EACH time I wear Cha Cha tint so this is my obvious choice! :) 

BUT, because I love my clients more, (some of my bridal clients probably noticed me using this prior to blush application.) it was painful for me to put the full sized Benefit Cha Cha Tint inside my Zuca Traincase and I actually transferred some of the tint inside a small container.  

Can you imagine the happiness that enveloped my body and soul *lol* when I saw this in store during the Benefit Bloggers Hard Hat Party?

Benefit Cha Cha Go-Go comes with the Cha Cha Tint on one side with a brush applicator same as the full sized Cha Cha Tint.

And a clear gloss on the other side with doe foot applicator which is meant to be applied on lips!

I won't be doing an in-depth review on the Cha Cha Tint a I've done so HERE, feel free to reread my previous review!  Let me just share to you my overall thoughts on the Cha Cha Go-Go.

Benefit says ---
Do the cha-cha on the go-go! This double-ended duo features a juicy mango tint for your lips & cheeks on one side and a shiny clear gloss on the other. Together, they give you kiss-proof color with a dazzling finish.

AMW says ---
  • Wonderful packaging.
  • Very convenient to carry around for travel.
  • Though the amount of Cha Cha Tint is way less than the full sized packaging, you still get a lot of product as a little goes a long way.
  • The clear gloss is non-sticky.
  • Retouch is easy every time! 
  • Using the doe-foot applicator will create a stain even after first use.  If you are "OC", well, you have to deal with it! :P 
  • Price.  Some would say this is pricey, some would say it is worth it as you get 2-in-1 product.  
  • The shade Cha Cha Tint is NOT for everybody!  
A very portable lip and cheek tint and I love the extra gloss!  I never appreciate tints on lips as they tend to dry my lips even more but the added non-sticky gloss is great so I can carry just one product for my lips and cheeks!

  • Professional makeup artists are recommended to purchase the full-sized bottle (as it is more inexpensive this way).  This is perfect for personal use.
  • When used as lip stain, do not use lip balm underneath as the lip stain will slide off.  Pat off excess oil or lip balm prior to lip stain application.
  •  For lip retouch, all you need to do is pull out the clear gloss to prevent lips from drying.  You can also apply your favorite lip balm on top of the Cha Cha Tint if you want a very natural look.
  • Feel free to apply a coral shade powdered blush on top of Cha Cha Tint but I prefer to leave it as it is as the shade is really pretty on its own.
  • Less is more, try not to apply too much and BLEND BLEND BLEND using your clean fingers or your favorite synthetic brush.
Will I repurchase?
Yes!  For personal use!

To whom do I recommend this to?
Cha Cha Tint is best used by girls with fair to medium skin tone.  Works for all skin types!

Where to purchase and how much?
At local Benefit Counters for Php1,100.00 (approx $27.50).

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Swatch of Cha Cha Tint and Clear Gloss

Benefit Cha Cha Go-Go 
Applied on Cheeks and Lips (with gloss)

Overall Effect
I love how the shade is called "Mango-Tinted Cheek and Lip Stain" but it look coral against my skin.  I enjoyed using this as a lip stain as it stays THE WHOLE DAY and all I have to do is retouch on the lip gloss and I don't have to worry about pale lips when I eat and drink.

What's your favorite Benefit Tint?
I heard from a grapevine that there will be a new shade of tint coming up but I'm not sure when!

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(Product sent for review.  Opinions 100% mine.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)


  1. I have the same issue with the doe foot applicator.. haha.. xD

    1. okay.."BY THE POWER OF GRAY SKULL!" OC girls..UNITE :D

  2. oh, i have been lemming for the cha cha tint but it is expensive for me, hihi.... i would go for this shade if i were to choose among the benetints.... :)

    1. Sis, if you think this is expensive, go for the full size version na lang as it LASTS FOREVER!!! :D


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